9 Days After Leep? Discharge Question.

It has been 9 days since my LEEP. Let me tell you I will never have that procedure done again unless they knock me out. My cervical block / local what ever you want to call it did not take place. Needless to say I felt everything all the way through the cauterization. ¾ through the cauterization my heart started to race and the doctor told me that the local was finally taking effect. He said that he has performed numerous LEEP procedures and has never had this happen to anyone? It was awful!

I called the doctor yesterday because I am still not sure what fowl smelling yellow discharge really classifies as? And I just don’t feel right. I have a nose like a hound dog so I am already super sensitive to smells. The discharge is completely different from the punch biopsy. It is slimy, bright yellow, and nasty. This morning when I woke up and did the morning routine it was yellow and gray? Has anyone had that? I seem to be prone to infection so am I being paranoid? She told me if I start to run a fever then I need to go into the ER.

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I am sorry you felt pain during the LEEP. The local numbing worked for me, but let me tell you I also had the racing heart problem and I almost fainted on the table. It scared me to death! So, I don't think this is common, but you are not the only this has happened too. I also had the horrible smelling discharge. It probably lasted over a week. I was so frustrated and thought I had an infection. I didn't and the fowl discharge is normal (unfortunately).

Also the local anesthesia made me sick as a dog upon rising after the procedures. I would see stars and get very sick to my stomach. It took two hours each time for the side effects to go away.

I am sorry this happened and I would find a doctor who is willing to do general anesthesia if you have to go through this again.

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I am sorry you had to go through surgery and all/ I had a similar expereince, as I was awake and completely coherent during my surgery and the drap wasn't high enough so I saw, smelled and heard everything that happened to me. IT was horrible and I still have nightmares about it.

Enough about that. Now, the smell and discharge sounds normal, as there is a whitish-yellowish junk that comes after the LEEP.

Have you ever burned you hand and watched the healing process. It is much unlike what happens to your cervix. When the wire passes through for the LEEP, it cauterizes and burns away the tissue, thus leaving you with a sealed but burned area internally. So, if you have seen what happens with burn on your hand or arm, your cervix goes through something similar.

Now, if you start to bleed excessively, experience unusually discharge (beyond the white/yellow stuff), then contact the doctor and ask them to see you.

I hope all goes well. Take it easy, get some rest, dont have sex for 6 to 8 weeks and give yourself time to heal.


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I had my leep done on sept.17 and its been 18 days sence i did a fever and they put me on anti-biotics for 5 days 2 pills a day then i got another fever and i'm using this vaginal supository gel i had my last dose yesterday night and i'm still having yellow discharge and a nasty smell but i have to wait to see my doc till monday unless i get another fever then i'll have to go to ER.

<(^_^)> Tiffany

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Hey mamagaines!
I went through exactly what you're talking about with the LEEP. My local didn't work either. My doctor didn't tell me she was getting ready to pass the loop through and I just yelled and came up off the table. When I looked down there was black smoke rolling up from between my legs. Awful! So, I know just how you felt.

As far as the after effects go, I had the discharge and nasty odor for at least a couple of weeks. I was paranoid, but it finally subsided. I didn't experience any gray discharge, so maybe you'll feel better if you just call and ask the doc. But, the rest sounds completely normal.

Take care of yourself, and for goodness sakes don't make the mistake that I did and be intimate with your hubby too soon. Give your body time to heal.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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Thank you all for your replies. I feel more at ease. I see the doctor on the 14th. I did call the office and they told me I only needed to worry if I started running a fever. She also suggested using a douch but to be extremely careful not to push to hard because you can tear the scabs etc.... I am not too sure if I will take that route I don't feel comfortable at this point it has only been a little over a week.

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Yes, sadly, what you describe is "situation normal". I'm surprised that the nurse suggested a douche - my medical folks say NOTHING in the vagina for six weeks. I took a lot of baths, which is somewhat advised against as well, but it just made me feel better and cleaner.
A heavy bleeding episode is a common occurence about 10 days after the LEEP. It can be scary - but again - it's normal. Sorry you are going through this. My doctor (a woman) says she thinks anyone who performs LEEP surgery should have to undergo it themselves, so that they know what it really feels like. It makes me crazy to see it described as a painless office procedure.

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I am so glad I found this discussion. I had a leep just over a week ago, and I really felt like I was in the twilight zone! I called my doctor (I have kaiser) and let them know I was very nervous and asked to be given a sedative. The nurse noticed that I have a prescription for Ativan so she just told me to take that and some Motrin before the procedure. I let her know that I was VERY nevous to be aware of what was going on before the procedure but she just responded by telling me the procedure was very routine. I'm sorry, but having my cervix cut with a miniature cow prod is NOT routine for me!

Needless to say, I was a wreck before, during, and after the procedure. I was aware of everything; the smell, the noise, it was just plain awful. I really felt like my provider was extremely blase about this whole procedure, and I felt like there was something wrong with me for being so nervous. They didn't even give me a prescription for pain medication after I called to tell them I was still in pain after taking a few doses of Advil as they advised. I don't think I should have had to suffer through this as I did, and I would have felt a lot better had the doctor and nurses just been a bit more compassionate. And gave me Valium when I asked for it. Ugh.

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I just had the LEEP done on 11/13. My doc gave me valiums. The surgury was scheduled for Oct. but once I got there she thought I had an infection so after all the shot nerves, I had to re-schedule. The injection hurt for just a second but it seems like she didn't wait for it to take and went right to work. My sister who's a nurse accompanied me which helped. I was a nervous wreck. Right after the procdure I had slight yellow discharge. About 3-4 days ago I started with the black, smelly discharge. It's disgusting. I don't know how long I can take it for........I'm pretty good at handling anything that smells bad, but this is ridiculous. Why now and not right after? What is the black discharge? It's not blood that's for sure. This is worse than the procedure.....I'm serious too........I feel everyone around me can smell what I do and I don't know how they can't!! Augh. When will it end? Thanks. Have a good day everyone.

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I had my LEEP done under anesthesia because before and during my colposcopy I freaked out enough that my doctor wouldn't let me do it any other way. I am sorry to hear of the mixed bag experiences and must say that I am surprised that they don't make anesthesia required for the procedure. As far as the discharge goes, I am 5 days out and right now it is yellowy-pinkish-greyish and I feel like there's a slow leak down there. Yesterday weird things came out when I went to the loo which I guess were blood clots and dead tissue. I don't know if that is helpful at all, but it seems that a number of us are getting vague discharge information from our doctors.

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I had leep done with a local aneshesia,i never felt any pain but was warned that the effects of the aneshesia can cause your heart to race,i didnt get this but my legs shook so badly it was embarrasing,the doc had to stop and let me close my legs for a few mins,i found it all quite scarey even though ive had two children naturally,the equipment they used sounded like a vaccum cleaner,and the nurse stuck a odd looking patch to my leg,when i asked what it was she told me it was a earth,that completly freaked me out i had visions of being electrocuted,i never had any discharge for 3 days,then lost loads of blood and ended up back in hospital,where they put a paste on my cervix to stop the bleeding,it worked wonders,have been on antibiotics since, finish them tomorrow thankfully i can finally have a well deserved glass of wine,i think its so horrid for you to have felt pain like that its really not good enough,hope you me and all the other women on this page dont have to go through this procedure again xx

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I know this post is old, but I had to reply. I had the LEEP done a week ago and I had some mild discharge, but now I am getting the gray to black discharge that smells horrible (I compaire it to a sewer smell!!). I also feel paranoid that everyone else can smell it too! I bought some femine wipes to use each time I use the toilet and lots of panty liners to change frequently. I really can't wait until it all leaves my system!!!

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rygell17-- i just had my LEEP done 5 days ago. and i am having the same problem with my discharge! it makes me feel so akward. i didnt think to get femine wipes, did your doctor say it was OK? also this may sound werid.. but have you used soap and a washcloth to wash down there? i always do.. but since my leep i feel like i am hurting the heal process by putting soap down there. any feedback would be helpful!

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I had the Leep Cone procedure done ten days ago and I'm pretty sure I have an infection. I'm in more pain than I think I should be in, and am bleeding quite a bit. Sometimes the blood is dark (like when you're spotting) and other times it's bright red and heavy. I also experienced the odor which is very unpleasant. I've had a discharge of something that looks black like ashes (it probably IS burnt tissue, but I'm guessing). I had the regular Leep done six months ago and had the heavy bleeding for 2 weeks which I was told was normal, but I think this burning pain seems excessive, especially since I feel like I should be feeling better instead of worse. I'm going to try to get in to see my GYN tomorrow. I have a job which keeps me on my feet a lot and that may be contributing to the bleeding. My heart goes out to all of you...this is an unfortunate sisterhood!

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I am so sorry to hear you experienced such pain and discomfort during and since your LEEP procedure. I had mine done a week ago and was so nervous about it that I couldn't sleep the night before! I was also nervous immediately before the procedure when the doctor told me to put on socks so that I was 'grounded' before the 'electrified loop' was put in me for the procedure. Yikes! During the procedure the burning smell and smoke was worrisome, but the doctor explained all that was happening as he was doing it. He also told me the smelly black discharge after the procedure is normal. He says this will continue for 2-3 weeks. So the end is near...one week down 1-2 weeks to go! I didn't have any pain during or after the procedure, in fact I went back to work. It was that night that I was so sore I could not even sit down. The next day I was fine again...makes me appreciate my doctor who told me everything I needed to know to make this procedure not as awful as it could've been. The good news? This procedure is supposed to be VERY effective!

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I got sick from the full anesthesia in my first Leep, and just had local anesthesia with my Cone Leep and that was much better.

The foul-smelling discharge is normal. I thought it was from the burned tissue since it looked like ash. It lasted a long time too, unfortunately. I seem to have had worse bleeding than most people on this site, with both my Leep and the Cone Leep. I hope you're feeling better soon...be good to yourself while your body is healing! Supportive hugs, M

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I actually had a LEEP done last Friday (9/4/09). The first couple of days I had a brownish yellow discharge. Now I have this foul smelling yellowish discharge along with a really watery discharge. I have yet to see the black discharge that everyone is talking about.

My LEEP procedure was performed as an outpatient procedure and I was given anesthesia as well as a local anesthesia for my cervix for the pain. I did not experience any pain and have not experienced any cramping as a side effect almost a week later.

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It's amazing to see how many women had to go through this...I just had my LEEP on 9/11 and it was the most horrible thing I ever went through. I took 600mg of Motrin along with .75mg of Clonazepam and I was still freaking out. The shot hurt so bad, I cursed and said I can't do this...they talked me back into it and shot the other side of my cervix. I laid there with tears streaming down my face and my legs shaking through most of the procedure. I pray to God I don't have to do this again.

I had slight cramping that evening but it went away and now I have the nasty discharge everyone is talking about. What freaked me out was yesterday I woke up and had a brown, "shredded beef" looking thing sitting on my pad, it smelled and looked awful, thought I was going to vomit. The thought of it still makes me sick to my stomach.

Still awaiting my results and I'm so nervous, I hope it's not cancer and I hope I can just have a pap from now on. I don't mean to freak out anyone who is preparing for the LEEP, again, everyone is different, some claim they felt nothing, others like me say it was horrible.

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I had my leap done a week ago tomorrow. The leep was not that bad... although I was pretty nervous to start with. I took 600mg Motrin before I went to my appointment just for the pain. So yes, I was nervous. The numbing shots did increase my heartrate and made my legs shake like crazy. Both stopped after a couple of minutes. Besides the loud motor on the LEEP machine, the proceedure was very uneventful. I was suprised that she was done when she said she was done. In all honestly, the coloscopy hurt WAY more then the LEEP. I mentioned that too my doctor and she agreed becuse you dont get numb for the coloscopy. I got no pain meds for afterward, and didnt need them either.

So almost 1 week down, I am experiencing a thin brownish discharge. When I wipe, the discharge is accompanied by little blackish specks. (may be blood, may be scabbing, may be left over stuff they used to stop the initial bleeding. Anyway, I also have an oder that showed up about 2 days ago. Smells almost like metal or (someone up above said sewer) and I can almost see where she is coming from. Doctor said to give her a call if there is an oder, so Im gonna do that, but came here 1st for assurance.

My doc said I can have sex after 1 week. Yeah... Im not having sex with anyone if my vj smells like a metal sewer. lol

Good luck everyone. Hope youre experience goes smoothly.

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Wow, I feel fortunate that I had a smooth procedure. I had my LEEP this morning. I was more nervous than I thought because my blood pressure was really high. Then when I went into the room my GYN, nurse and a 3rd year medical student came in. Right before the procedure I started to cry. Everyone was comforting and the medical student was really nice. She held my hand and talked to me to distract me.

I may have felt a minor pinch from the local anesthesia, but I think I was too nervous to notice. I didn't experience the racing heart or shaking legs, but my GYN did say that was common. Overall, I have to say that it was a fast procedure for me. I think the speculum was the most uncomfortable part.

I'm sorry to hear that some of you had painful experiences. Does anyone know if the procedure may be more or less painful based on the GYN you are seeing? I know when I had my first colposcopy/biopsy done it hurt soooo bad, but my second one, with a new GYN, was painless.

Another question, there is always the mention of a foul odor. My GYN said this was common, but it shouldn't be unbearable. I have a sensitive nose and can smell most anything from a mile away. Has anyone been told that you smelled funny or is it just something we think everyone else can smell, but they can't?

Sending hopeful thoughts your way!

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Wow it's so great to find such support. But at times I wonder if reading all these stories on the Internet do me any good lol. Sometimes it freaks me out and worries me more than anything. But perhaps in sharing my own experience it will help others.

I just recently had a LEEP performed (Sept 16/09) as an outpatient procedure in hospital under general anesthetic (as the OB/GYN said he had to remove a rather large lesion). Other than feeling groggy and mindless (lol) after the anesthetic, I felt good. I didn't experience any real pain at all. And from what my husband says it was VERY quick - he went out to have a smoke and put gas in the truck. I was just being wheeled out of the recovery room as he was returning to the outpatient area lol. So about 20 minutes max I was put under for.

I too am now experiencing that HORRIBLE discharge and leaking of fluids .. and indeed it smells awful! The color is about the same - yellowish-brownish ,ixed with light blood (the yellow-brown stuff reminds me of what one would cough up during a severe bronchial infection lol - but somewhat thicker). And I can completely relate to others in saying that you are so darn self-conscious about the odor that you fear others may be able to smell you lol. I don't think they really can - I believe it could just be all in my mind. And yes, I just started to notice the odd little black flecks of what look like ashes or something. From all that I have researched and been told, all of this ickiness is normal unfortunately. Just so long as you don't have a fever, severe pain and/or chills.

I was told to refrain from any sort of lifting or exercise for the next 4 weeks or so. And indeed I notice that the more exercise I do or even lift light things like a laundry basket ... shortly afterwards I will notice an oozing sensation down below .... more discharge ickiness. Perhaps if we REALLY limit the amount of exercise and lifting for ourselves over the next few weeks, the discharge will lessen slightly? Just a theory lol - but Im definitely going to practice it I think.

Now the hard part ... worrying and waiting for the pathology report to come back. I too am so scared that it may come back as cancer. I have 3 wonderful children and a very adoring husband that I just do not want to leave behind. It's hard to stay positive through all of this, but I'm trying real hard. I am just hoping that the margins will be all clear ... and no cancer present. While so far I haven't experienced any real troubling side effects from the LEEP, I have to be honest and say that I do NOT want to go through any more procedures like this.

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