23 with FIRST abnormal pap smear EVER... cervical dysplasia

Hello all... I am a 23 year old female and I recently got my pap results back as abnormal, high grade lesion (HGSIL).. I have a pap done every year and they have always come back negative. I had my colposcopy, biopsy, and electrocervical cutterage done last friday and I am now waiting for the results. I am a wreck because I keep thinking of the worst case scenarios. My OBGYN said that from what she saw on the colposcopy she expects "AT LEAST" moderate cervical dysplasia. She didn't explain much of anything to me and I feel so lost. I have been looking stuff up online. I guess I can't know anything until I get my biopsy results back but I am really concerned because I really want to have children and I want to be healthy.

It has also progressed so quickly (one year since last negative pap), and i'm so young. I'm afraid to say the least... and i could really use some info an support.

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sorry to hear you're going through this, and yes, it can be scary. and, you may have had an active hpv infection, and even dysplasia, when your previous paps.....they have a fairly high rate of false negatives. i would encourage you to take a breath, and then learn more about hpv and ways in which you can help your body clear active hpv infections....such as no smoking, using condoms, avoiding tampons, eating well, taking good care of your body!

you've found a warm and supportive community here....let us know how you're doing....hopefully you don't have to wait too long for your results....it usually takes 2 to 3 business days.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply :) ... I have stopped using tampons and am looking up how eat healthier. I have an appointment with my gyno for Friday at noon but the receptionist told me to call ahead to make sure the results are in because sometimes they take up to two weeks :/

I will make sure to keep everyone posted on my progress.

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In the U.S., biopsy results don't take 2 weeks! they're usually back in 2 days!!!

You may want to look into DIM which has been shown in clinical studies to help clear active hpv infections....the research used supplements, but you may want to know that cruciferous vegetables (kale, bok choy, brussel sprouts) also contain DIM - and those veggies are good for you in lots of ways.

Good luck on friday....and write down your questions to bring to your appointment so that you won't forget, which is easy to do when stressed. Don't be afraid to ask questions about his recommendations, pros and cons, etc.

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Try not to worry until you have to. Wait until the doctor gives you a diagnosis. Cervical dysplasia can be dealt with and whatever the diagnosis, you will get through this.

I am only 21 and had my first abnormal pap smear a year ago. In the time since, I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Things can change quickly so it's important to get the dysplasia taken care of.

Take it one step at a time. Keep us updated and let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi chocolat,

I know how overwhelming this all can be. I was in your same position last August (I was also 23 at the time) when I had my first abnormal pap and was diagnosed with high-risk HPV. A colposcopy biopsy showed CIN II/III (moderate-severe dysplasia) and my gynecologist recommended surgery. Ultimately, I decided not to have surgery and opted for naturopathic treatment because I too want to have children in the future and did not want to cut out a part of my cervix and jeopardize that in any way. I also don't believe that cutting it out solves the problem or cause - HPV. I am almost done with my treatment and from what my doctor can see, the dysplasia is basically gone. Not to mention I feel really great overall. You can refer to some of my previous discussions if you are interested as to what the treatment entails (click on my name and you'll see them on my profile - Day 1 of Naturopathic Treatment etc.). It is basically vitamins/supplements, strict diet, exercise and a topical treatment of the cervix.

There is ALOT of information out there, much of which your doctor probably won't tell you/doesn't know. I really encourage you to do as much research as possible. I would also encourage you to get a copy of your pap and colposcopy results. Look through the discussions on here, many offer links to external websites and such. This community of women has a lot of valuable information and you can ask about anything. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

Wishing you the best,

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I am 25 and have had high risk HPV for a 3-4 years now. My paps always come back abnormal and my colposcopies always come back as mild atypical cervial dysplasia. The dysplasia hasen't worsened over time however it hasent gone away either. My gyno suggested surgical treatment, but I want to have babies in the future! I've never smoked, I eat well, exersize & don't use tampons. Now i'm considering taking suppliments or naturopathic treatment. Also, I've been taking oral contraceptives since I was 15 and I read online that they can increase cervical dysplasia.

What would be the most beneficial suppliments for me to take to help clear up the HPV and dysplasia? Can the surgical treatment affect fertility? I really don't want to have to get the surgery but if I end up developing cervical cancer I will always regret not removing it before it progressed! Should I get a second opinion before I do anything?

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I have been having abnormal paps since I was 17! I have never had a normal pap unless I was pregnant. I was diagnosed with dysplasia and HPV five years ago. I, onlly 23 and now have severe dysplasia and have to have a LEEP procedure done.

It is scary, but try to stay positive. Try not to think the worst because it usually isn't as bad as you think. Good luck and make sure you are open with your doctor. Let them know that you have concerns and fears. It's their job to address them. Keep us posted on how it goes. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

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Hello All,

I got my biopsy results from my gyno yesterday. My pap said high grade lesion with high risk HPV and my colposcopy indicated CIN II/III (according to my gyno) BUT my biopsy came back CIN I !!!!

My gyno said that when she biopsied she took samples from the areas that looked the worst but it's possible that the pieces she took could have been CIN I's that were next to the CIN II or III tissue that she could have missed. So now I feel like I have no answers. She said she was on the fence as to how to proceed. She said we could wait and see if my body clears it up and have another colpo and biopsy in 6 months. She also said we could LEEP but that because of my age she worries about doing the LEEP procedure and then the abnormal cells coming back and having to LEEP again. I agreed to wait the 6 months (made an appt for 5.5 months). BUT I got a copy of my pathology reports and I am going to make an appt with another gyno for a second opinion. I was relieved to hear CIN I instead of something worse but she made me feel like it could be a mistake and it could be worse. I don't want to wait and later find out it's worse.

Could the Pap have been a false positive? Has this happened to anyone else?

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this is good news....could be that the dysplasia is regressing. you're young, and that's to your advantage. when you have your next pap, you should also be sure to have an hpv test done, and then together, they'll be a good indicator of your cervical health. a plus of the biopsies you had is that it causes a response in your body that can help to clear the surrounding dysplasia.

i understand your concern when the pap and biopsy doesn't correlate....it's frustrating. hang in there, do whatever you can to clear the hpv infection, and hope for all negatives on your next exams.

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I have been going through the same thing for the past year.
Last June my pap smear came back as HGSIL, but my colposcopy and biopsies the following month showed only inflammation.
They told me to come back in three months.
Come October, my pap smear was once again HGSIL so I had a colposcopy and biopsy again.
This time it showed inflammation and CIN I.
They told me to come back in six months.
Last month I went back for a pap and colpscopy.
Pap was still HGSIL, but this time the biopsy showed CIN III and they said I have to have a LEEP.
Now I'm terrified. I don't know if it has been there all along or was moderate and progressed.
The point is, I'd try to stay as healthy as possible and make sure you do follow up. Maybe you should get a second opinion. I know I'm starting to wish I had at this point. Maybe another doctor would have caught it before it got this bad.

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Hunny, we are all here for you <3 I also recently found
I have Low Grade Lesion, and I'm waiting for my appointment to see what strain of HPV I have. I'm only 19, and it was my first papsmear, and I have been sexually active for 2 years. I've made a whole lifestyle change.. I drink vitamins, I eat healthy, and I'm keeping myself happier. I go out with friends more often, party, clubbing, beach, but I DONT drink or smoke, and you shouldnt either!! I live life normal, and keep my self UN-STRESSED. I eat alot of carrots, blackberries, peas, and tomatoes because they are the top foods that produce cancer fighting cells. This experience has changed me alot. I've learned to love myself more, and realize I'm the only one I can depend on now..body, mind, spirit, and soul. I'm the only one that can save myself. So now I'm so delicate with my body and myself. Research vitamins... and here's a link of foods that boost your immune system;

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/586699/best_fruits_and_vegetables_ to_help.html?cat=51

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Hello;; I recently found out today actually..[[June 07, 2010]] that my 2nd pap test came back that i have abnormal cells...i am only 21 years old and im scared to death, i have no idea what this is...i have a appt. that is being scheduled this friday to sign up for a grant that will cover my procedure. -i dont have medicaid or anything like that...im just so scared, and ontop of all this stuff...i have bad anxiety and everything like that...someone please help me :[

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I want to thank you all for all your advice and support. I have made an appointment with another gynecologist for a second opinion for the 22nd of this month (I will make sure to keep you all updated). I have been trying to change my diet but I definitely need to educate myself more on what is considered healthy and what is not.

To Jenna-o O: I know exactly how you feel. I felt so overwhelmed and anxious that I could not even sleep! Do you know what kind of abnormal cells you have?? That is very important to know. It is great that a grant is going to cover your expenses. Also, although I know this is very scary (believe me), I have read up quite a bit and it takes some time for this to progress into cancer. At least now you know something isn't right down there and you can get the proper treatment, watch yourself closely, and be healthy. This happens to a lot more women than you'd think. I thought I was the only person my age going through this but there are quite a bit of girls in their late teens and 20's going through the same. This place has been a great source of information and support for me so I hope it is for you too.

Please continue to keep us updated so we can inform each other :)

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Jenn o - also, is this your second abnormal pap or your second pap ever?

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This is my 2nd pap EVER...i had my first pap in 2007 and then i was having problems with my periods...they have been irregular ever since i started it when i was 13. But when i was younger i never worried about it because my mom always told me that because i am over weight it is kinda normal for them to be like that...so i was so concerned about my periods i went in to see about the birth control pill...and they said they dont want me on the pill due to the fact i have border line high blood pressure...soo they asked if i had my pap for this year, and i told them that i didnt get one in 2009 so they gave me one...and i just got called yesterday..it tore me apart, and i dont want to involve my husband he has so much responsibilities he dont need anything else on his shoulders...they didnt tell me what kind of cells they are yet...my appt is friday and she said we will talk more about that. Im just so terrified i feel like losing all hope in myself...if it isnt one thing..its another and im just so sick of this shit.

Im very sorry for my hostility but i just dont know what to do anymore...

I been diagnosed with panick attacks/anxiety attacks alsoo and its so hard to deal with, i am not taking any meds for that though because i dont got medicaid. Im in the process of getting some kind of insurance...but im on a waiting list for 7 months...its UNREAL!

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