10 Great Steps To Fight The HPV Virus and Get Clear Smear Results Again

1. Go to a nutritionist - change your diet and take the right vitamins and supplements. Dont try to do this on your own trust me the nutritionist was the best money I ever spent! Basically you need to start getting as much Vitamin C, E, Zinc, Beto-carotene and Folic acid into your body as possible!
2. Get off the pill - I did this straight away! My Dr. told me this was not neccesary but after my own research this is a definite thing to do. Your body cant fight off the HPV as well while the pill is messing with your hormones so get off it!
3. Get fit - join a gym, go for walks, do a workout video whatever you can do to strengthen up and get in shape!
4. Stop smoking or cut down a lot! - When you are smoking you are creating more free radicals in your body which are doing damage.
5. Drink less alcohol
6. Swap regular tea for green tea to get in the antioxidants- Get as many antioxidant rich substances into you as possible. Acai Berry and Dark Chocolate are also great. Look out for the ORAC value on foods this will tell you how many antioxidants are in different foods!
7.Go for some acupuncture and get chinese herbs to help build up your immunity.
8. Use less tampons and wear 100% cotton underwear
9. Start doing yoga and meditation this will not only improve your physical health it will begin to relieve the stress you are going through
10. Start thinking of this whole thing as a physical fight with HPV. While it is important to get your physical strength up as much as possible by following the first 9 steps the most important step is to mentally prepare for this fight. Start looking up the law of universal attraction on the internet and become familiar with the fact that your thoughts create your reality. Keep visualizing the results you want on your next visit to the Dr. and they will happen.

Once you realize that you can do these things to get healthy again the whole thing seems a lot less scary and a lot more manageable. Take control of your health!

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hello, createyourownreality. thanks for sharing your list! i would encourage you to change #4 to stop smoking...not just cut back. smoking is a known risk for hpv related disease, and, of course, is a risk for many other diseases. and, many of the items on your list are great reminders for general health.....for specifically clearing active cervical hpv infections, you may also want to consider adding DIM supplements or DIM in your diet (via cruciferous vegetables), and also using condoms.

thanks again for sharing! i hope you're soon testing hpv negative and get normal pap smears as well.

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Thanks for taking the time to post your list, which I have read with interest.
I am a big believer in all that you have said and would also support "Flowershoplady's" comment about DIM. Its ability to fight cancer producing cells is well documented, including lots of good discussion and research on this site as well as the "American Cancer Society's Site".
Its important to really emphasize your first point about the importance of diet changes including the addition of lots of organic vegetables and fruits, cutting out sugar, white flour, processed and other "junk" foods,and reducing dairy, all of which damage the immune system and diminish the bodies ability to absorb nutrients, including nutrients from supplements. Most anti-cancer diets have a focus on moving towards alkaline foods and away from acidic foods in order to change the Ph balance of the body. Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Lots of good research on this topic on the internet, including food charts of those foods which are alkaline or acidic.
I would be interested in hearing more about the daily dosages of the supplements that you are taking as well as the diet changes which you have implemented. I am taking all of the supplements which you listed , plus DIM, and it would be helpful to compare with your list.
Thanks for your additional thoughts.

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Hi,thank you for sharing this list...

@flowershoplady what is DIM???

thank you so much....

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Thanks for the tips about DIM guys looks good I will certainly try this! I found on the internet that this has been shown in clinical studies to promote healthier estrogen metabolism in both men and women. DIM is a dietary indole found in cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, etc). Western women generally have excessive estradiol and estrone levels, but deficient estriol levels. This causes a variety of female medical problems. DIM helps reverse this situation.

Flowershoplady - yes you are right I must give up smoking finding this very hard though but I will focus on this one a lot more! As for condoms - Does anybody know what to do when you are in a long term monogamous relationship? Can couples just keep infecting each other?

Bigmom - I like your ideas about an anti - cancer diet. I havent heard of this before so I will do more research on this area and see what I come up with. Any good sources of information?

I have been taking the following:

2 Folic Acid Tablets a day (400 Ug)
Vitamin C - 1000mg 2 times a day
Betocarotene - 15mg 3 times a day
Acidophilus - 1 in the morning
Echinecea - 30mg a day
Zinc 30mg a day
3 Xocai Healthy Chocolate Nuggets - this has an ORAC value of 10,500 (its like getting 9 bowls of raw spinach in a day) and is helping me loose weight! Suitable for vegans & diabetics
Drinking 6 glasses of water a day
Putting Flaxseed into my cereals/yogurts
Eating more nuts & seeds
A whole slew of other food suggestions that the nutritionist told me to

Would be interesting to hear what you are taking?

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Hey CYOR (that will be my nickname for you :-)

I am also gung ho with trying to heal myself and maintain health from the inside out. I had a leep that did not produce clear ectocervical margins on Feb 15th 2010 and I'm back to my gyno oncologist in june....so I feel like this is my time to do whatever I can to help myself.
I found out about having CINIII in late January 2010 and the changes I have made so far...
1. I was excessively drinking, i have stopped completely
2. I was smoking pretty regularly, stopped completely
3. Was eating out for lunch every day and dinners most days...I have began going to the gym instead on lunch break and eating soup at the office. I was getting next to no exercise before this.
4. Started taking the following supplements
Multi vitamin
Echinecea- doing 2 weeks on 3 weeks off because i read that after a while your body becomes accustomed to it
DIM 2 capsules 2 times a day
Fish Oil
Just started taking Spirulina and Chlorella....
5.Just got a juicer and am making green juices daily. WAY yummier than I imagined. My current favorite is spinach,romaine leaves, cucumber, kale, celery, grapefruit, apple and orange. lol
6.MMS - I took this for around 3-4 weeks and generally felt like I had a cold I couldnt kick.... not sure if it was related but I stopped and I think I'm ready to try it again, and work my way up to the dose I was at more slowly. MMS is short for Miracle Mineral Solution for anyone who wants to google it.
7.Drinking a tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water each day
8. drinking green tea each day

I have been eating way more fruits and veggies, switched to almond milk and have cut out refined flours almost 100% and cut back on fast food a lot, although I had a lot of work to do there, I still eat out more than I should. I bought an awesome book at Borders, its called the Acid Alkaline Diet for Opptimal Health by Christopher Vasey. It really dives into the whole acid akaline balance.

I havent lost much weight yet (maybe 2-4 pounds) which kind of sucks because I figured the addition of exercise and losing the alcohol calories would be enough to make me shed some weight. But I'm not doing any of this for weight loss, I just want to help myself clear this virus.

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CYOR, DIM has been shown to help clear hpv infections....take a look at www.dimfaq.com. there have been clinical trials showing this effect. and, yes, it's good for other health reasons too. and, yes, condoms help one clear an active hpv infection even in a monogomous relationship, particularly if used while you're hpv positive.....the condoms will help to reduce the viral load you're exposed to. there's some good discussions on this message board about that.

and, amy, yeah for quitting smoking. that could be why you haven't lost the weight you expected to lose. but think of all the good health changes you've made. :)

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Wow I am definitely gonna get some of this DIM I looked up that sight and found some great info!!!!! Thanks for the advice guys you are all great!

Amy you are definitely on my wavelength!!!! I need to give up those cigarettes for good - any tips? I will get a copy of that book too. Its expensive to be healthy with all these supplements and fresh foods but it will be worth it when I get the all clear!

Thanks everyone for sharing all your tips!!!!!!!

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I have just thought of something else - When I went for my first smear test last year I had a STD test too which came back all clear - how come the HPV wouldnt have showed up there? Also I live in Ireland and I dont know how things are in America but they are pretty laid back about everything here. I have had two irregular smears and now a colscopy which showed CIN II and they told me to come back again in 6 months for a smear. Is that normal or should I have had a procedure by now? SHould I get re-tested for the HPV to see what type I have? Or should I just stick with my current plans and follow all we have been talking about and see what happens on my next smear?

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Great tips on fighting off the HPV virus.
I also wanted to go to a nutritionist or naturopath or whatever they are called, was it useful for you? How much does it cost? Does insurance cover the visit? I will have to find one in my area and see how it goes..

As for the smoking, I just gave it up cold turkey after my pap results came in and found out I had CINIII. I was a pretty heavy smoker, almost a pack a day, and yeah it was hard but it's been now 2 1/2 months since I quit and don't ever want to see those stupid things again :) I figured that after I found out this dx, I don't wanna go thru another cancer scare ever again! And quitting smoking is just a small price to pay for better health. I wish you best of luck!

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Hi Kate,

Going to the nutritionist was the best thing I ever did - it made me feel like I was in control of the situation and actively doing something about it rather than waiting around for the results of yet another test and another doctor telling me not to worry about it. The nutritionist cost me 50 euros and I haven't even checked it on my insurance plan yet but it depends on what plan you have. Some plans do have alternative medicines covered. I gave up the cigarettes cold turkey too for about a month and then started again recently. I am gonna start again this week to give them up - your sentence "its a small price to pay is really sticking in my head"!!!!!!! That DIM stuff looks great though so I am off to get that in the morning. Girls I will say a prayer to my angels for us all tonight!

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CYOR, most standard 'std' testing doesn't include hpv testing, and my guess is that yours didn't include hpv testing.

and, since you're young, and probably fairly healthy (except for those cigarettes! which you're going to give up....right!?!), then there's a good chance that you'll be able to clear the hpv infection without medical treatment.

i agree that supplements can cost a bundle....i try to get most of my nutrients from food, and DIM is an easy one for me with eating lots of cruciferous vegetables (though it's not the same form/dosage as used in the clinical trials, i still figure it's good enough for me!).

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This is public so I really didn't want to say but eff it...I wasn't smoking cigarettes ladies....I know I know, I'm not proud but its the truth.

And I agree 100% with FSL about the HPV testing not being part of a standard STD screening - as DUMB as that is. I went in for a pap and a full STD screening (no symptoms just wanted to be sure) and of course the STD screening came back clean, then 3 days later I get dysplasia news. And it was just assumed that I have it.
My original gyno (i got a second opinion from a guno oncologist) told me prior to my colpo that if it were CINII she would do the wait and watch. But it came back as CINIII. So I had to have the leep, and wouldnt you know the leep results came back with nothing more than CINII....so of course in my head I'm thinking shit, I could have waited and watched! But it wasn't worth the risk since I thought I had CINIII. For all I know the biopsy could have triggered an immune response and possibly helped things to start regressing in the 3 weeks between colpo and leep.

As far as tips to stop smoking, since I quit alcohol (I'd say I was fairly dependent on it, I was drinking nearly daily) just DONT buy it! Don't have it anywhere around, and once you start to see how much money you're saving, it becomes a lot easier. :P And think of how much better you smell, and how much your insides are thanking you! not just for the cervical health, but the TONS of other organs that are negatively affected by the smoke. Your skin will look better, teeth will be whiter, breathing easier, blood circulation improves, etc. My oncologist said something that really stuck with me, he said the smoke does so much damage to your insides, they aren't even at the tip of the iceberg in all the ways it affects you. And women seem to be far more sensitive to it than men. Just kinda made me think "danggggggg"

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Going to jump in for a second haha. When you all say "hpv testing" are you referring to a Colposcopy/Biopsy exam? I'm a bit confused. If you don't mind clarifying, thanks!

Also great tips, ladies! I just placed an order for some Vitamin C tablets and DIM capsules. I just need to eat healthy, all that junk food and soda is making me lethargic.

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Confusedgal HPV testing is different to a smear or a colscopy - I have never had one so I am not sure how they are done but I think they are like a more specific STD test? For some reason they dont test for this normally and sometimes when you get a bad smear result it is worth finding out what strain of HPV you have.

Amy - your right thats how I did it last time - just didnt buy them! I am starting today guys you really inspired me! My boyfriend and I are non smokers now (notice the way I didnt say we quit smoking) apparently it is better to say it like that outloud!

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I've been following this thread and find it all so interesting. I'm making efforts to eat healthier and get more vitamins into my everyday life as well! I take the One a Day Energy supplement (high in vitamin B's, and lower in iron), as well as a calcium supplement. I was taking a Vitamin C as well (1000 mg), but that was not going over so well with my stomach so I stopped (and the multivitamin has 100% DV of Vitamin C, plus I eat oranges, apples, broccoli everyday, so I think I'm OK there?).

Question about DIM to anyone who may know. Since it has effects on estrogen metabolism, does it change the effectiveness of the Pill??

Also to ConfusedGal, the HPV test is just an additional test done using the sample of cells they collect during your Pap smear (the same as any STD testing they order during your visit - i.e., the G and C culture that tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia). It's not an additional test that you need a separate appointment for or anything like that :)

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Thanks ladies! I will be taking One-A-Day Essential Multivitamin tablets and Nature's Way DIM-plus Estrogen Metabolism Formula capsules; I think that should somewhat help me with my menstrual cycle issues that I've been experiencing for so long, has always been wonky. Was placed on BC to regulate it but that worked for a while but it's back to every 5-6 months or more of period breaks. 3 of my sisters are the same way so blah. I'm bloated :( lol.

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Good to see this thread! I take 14 nutritional items daily and couldn't agree more that it is a critical part of keeping your body healthy. Also white tea has more anti-oxident power than green tea. I drink both for variety.

Here's to our good health! God bless you all.

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Hey excellence1234
Thanks for the white tea tip!! I wasnt aware of that but I look forward to trying it and putting it "in the rotation"
I wanted to add a bit to this thread as well, I have read posts (probably very old, I have scoured this site since my dx) where women felt "sickly" because they were taking so many supplements...I for one cannot identify with that! I mean yes one of my shelves looks like a pharmacy full of vitamins, but I really look at it as a benefit to my whole self. I even have my boyfriend/fiancee on the kick, lol.

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Hello all, I really appreciate all of what each has said. Since my recent dx and today I am in shock because the ob gyn oncologist, while reading the incorrect chart, finally corrected himself, said it is a simple procedure, one day stay then proceded to do a vaginal exam and rudly a rectal with no explanation or testing. I left there in total dismay and crying. He was suppose to be "very good" Well being a nurse, he was anything but. I said to myself today, I have seen 3 doctors and had a conebyopsy and not one has mentioned one word about folic acid, or any diet suggestions. So I have self treated also and now I have to get through my shock and make my decisions. My fiance doesn't know and he is away at work and like usual, not in a supportive mode. Don't know if I can handle telling him. He is 9 years younger and now I feel incredibly old with the thought of losing such a vital part of my body and am so upset at the prospect that my sexlife wil be gone. I have an immersion blender I have had for years and have started to increase the greens and fruits. People at work think my large jar of green sludge looks disgusting. If they only knew.

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hello, cabot. i'm sorry your doctor was so awful in his manner - no excuse for that. i'm not sure your situation, but i would encourage you to talk with your fiance. this is a man you plan to spend the rest of your life with....and you're having health issues, and not telling him? and, if you have an active hpv infection, then he shares that virus, and don't you think he should know this? what if the situation were reversed and he didn't tell you? honesty is so important in a relationship! i hope you're able to find a doctor who treats you with respect along with having excellent medical skills.....and that you're soon on the road to being healthy again.

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