Practical Advice for Female Re Self-Cathing

I've recently started self-cathing and discovering there are many details that the nurse never covered when instructing me. I would love any tips from experienced intermittent self-catheters out there. I have to cath multiple times a day and already have had several UTIs.
1) Tips on staying sanitary in nasty public bathrooms, including outhouses that don't have running water?
2) How to keep things clean while cathing when I am menstruating period? (I don't want to have a tampon in for my entire cycle but it is hard to get clean. Menstrual blood always ends up dropping down unexpectedly- sorry to be so graphic. But it's true.)
3) Tips for caths getting clogged? Sometimes the cath will stop mid stream- I take it out and put in a new one and sure enough there's lots there. Sometimes there's gunk in the cath, but often there's nothing there. It's like there's an air bubble or something. This is not only a pain, but it's getting expensive! (Because of the frequent infections I've been told by my doc to use a new cath every time.)

Thank you so much for your help.

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As for the keeping your hands clean I always carry either hand wipes or hand sterliser and clean my hands before starting or touching anything. I think it would be preferable to use a tampon the whole time. I don't know why you are getting gunk in the catherer though I would check this out with your doctor as it is not normal, otherwise the flow might stop if the catherer is not in far enough, pull it out a bit and then push it back seems to work for me.

Good luck it gets easier with time and experience

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Hello MLT,

I am not a female but I have been using CIC for about 8 years. Most uti's result in not emptying the bladder often enough, according to my urologist. I suffered a Spinal Cord Injury in 1967 (C5-C6) which also left me with a neurogenic bladder. After many years of uti's, I found a product that will prevent them. (I don't own any stock in this company but it works...Microcyn.) You can buy it over the counter and use it off label by injecting about 30 ml into the bladder daily. Just PM me if you need more information. I haven't had ANY uti's in over 27 months using this product.

Good luck.

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Thank you so much for the advice!
Much appreciated.

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