my 13 month old son has very mild cerebal palsy

hi today i went to the hospital about my 13month old sons weaker right side he has been dignosed with very mild c/p i noticed at six months he wouldnt use right hand was always clenshed and hes toes were pointing down so i took him to doctors who said wait till hes 1 years old i wasnt happy with the doctors choice so went to hospital were he was under a perditrion for somethink different and raised my concerns jaydan has been reciving pysio since and hes comardo crawling and puting wait on hes right side hand is open sometimes and clenshed other times can any body tell me any tips on helping my son im a first time mum and this news has come as a shock i wanna be able to do every think i can to help jaydan realise he has a right side many thanks sarah

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Hi, believe me I know exactly what you are going through. My son was also diagnosed when he was one year old. He is now one year 5 months old. I was also shocked and I am also a first time mom. What I can tell you is now that he is diagnosed, the physio will or should adapt his therapy to suit his specific condition. My son immediately began with a different physio program specific to his condition and he has improved so, so much. To just get physio is not the same as to get the right kind of physio. He sees a Neuro Developmental Pysio therapist and it is really working. His condition is almost the same, but his legs are mostly affected. The peadiatric neurologist said he would start walking and getting confidence around 5 or 6 years of age. After 3 months of the right therapy, he is already using his legs and arms to move around and standing up against furniture and walking with his walker. My dear, hold on to your faith, doctors are not always right 100% and they dont want to give us false hope, but to God anything is possible. Your son is so young and his brain will still develop alot. They find other ways to help themselves just as effectively! He is going to be fine, you will see. Stretch his toes and arms every time you change his nappy or bath him. Softly and rub his toes so that they open up. This truly helps to stimulate those muscles and release some tension. Dont ask me why, but it helps. Just focus on small things like loving him and leave the big therapy to your pysio. It will eaze your stress also, moms feel like its in our hands to fix everything, but it is not. You got that baby because you have the special qualities to be the best mommy he can ever have!!!

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thank you thats really good advice ill ask about the right pysio for jaydan its jaydans hand more then leg when the peditrion told me i broke down and by time i left hospital i was thanking god for my healthy beautiful boy we can work on hes hand and feet have you come accross any soft toys i can use for hes hand i still dont totaly understand mild s/p will do some research into hes condition can your baby open and close hes hand they said to me all time jaydan thisting hes hand hes tendants/ligerments are getting tighter so he has strengh to cleanch but not strengh to hold things its almost as if he doesnt no he has a right hand in life i often took things for graunted today i fill like a new person a blessed mummy with the most beautiful baby i will enjoy every single moment hope your little man countiues to progress so well bless him. doctors arent allways right i belive as a mummy if you get that feeling somethings not right it never hurts to ask for a second opionion im so happy i did cos jaydan couldnt sit up with out falling so this extra help iv had has brought jaydan along so far already could i ask if your baby gets tantrums with frustration jaydan does really quickly many thanks x

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I was 6 months old when my mom first started to notice my symtoms. A clenched left hand and few other symtoms. I was finally diagnosed at 10-11 old with Spastic Tripelgic CP. It affects my left side and bottom part of my right leg. My right leg is affected because the orthopedist over corrected it and under corrected my left leg. The bottom part of my leg turns inward not straight.

My parents were originally told I might never walk or talk. I talked first then walked at 3 y/o. I walked with a walker a walker through 4th Grade and have been using a cane ever since. I have a wheelchair for long distances. I've had PT off and on since I was 1 y/o. I still go to maintain. I also do some home exercises and Yoga. I use a small squishy ball for my left hand.

I've graduated from HS and College (AAS and multiple certificates). I've been married for 10 and 1/2 years.

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hey emily you have done so well keep up the pysio since jaydans had pysio he can sit up unaided comardo crawl but cleanched hand hes right side is effected the leg not so much hes speach is perfect waitin for mri scan to see what level hes cerebal pawsy is my baby is no different in my eyes hes a beautifu gift from god take care sarah

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I try to go PT as much possible unless I'm sick or or there's ice outside my condo complex. I've known my current Physical Therapist so long that he came to my wedding reception. LOL

I've had MRIs, CT Scans and EEGs. When I wrote about my CP in 9th Grade I put some of my personal experiences in the paper. One of them was about my first CT Scan. It was done with one first CT Scanners West of the Missippi my dad said.

I used to commando crawl all the time when I was younger. I even used commando crawl even after I learned to walk. I was able to to get around a lot faster by crawling than walking.

I can use my left hand to a certain extent. I can hold bigger jars in that hand and open it with my right hand. I've learned to tie my shoes almost all one handed after years of practice. I still use a small squishy ball to keep my left hand exercised at home.

I'm the oldest of four kids and am adopted. My parents had no idea when they adopted that I would have CP. The rest of the kids don't have any physical challenges. Two of the three are also adopted. Yes I was full-term baby as far they know.

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hi emely what age was you when you had your mri scan can they tell alot from this could i ask if you get pain in your weaker side jaydan often wakes at night screaming its a painfull screem tho im woundering if hes hands hurting him i only asked about full term pregnacy as iv seen few dissicoins and alot of baby where prem jaydan was born 4 weeks 3 days early he had an infection at birth i belive maybe this is caused the weaker side doctors said to me its not a genetical codition from mother n father its a unexplained condition that i dont understand im worried my son may get bullied in school as people this day and age dont care about other peoples fellings jaydan is so perfect it would break my heart if he got bullyed in life i belive everyone is equal and you should never look down on some one unless its to give them ur hand to get up take care sarah

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Hi Sarah. I know how scary the words cerebral palsy can be, we first heard them not that long ago concerning my son Finn who is almost 14 months old. He was always keeping his left hand clenched and we couldn't figure out why. Our first pediatrician thought nothing of it so around 10 months old we got a second opinion. The doctor immediately sent us to see a pediatric neurologist. She ordered a sedated MRI. We had that done in the beginning of January. It was really scary but we kept telling ourselves that at least we would have some answers! The next day we met with the neurologist who told us that Finn had had a stroke either while I was in labor just before. I didn't know it was possible, but one in 4,000 babies has a stroke. It left him with cerebral palsy, but very mild! He sat unassisted at 6 months, started army crawling around 8 months and just started getting up on all fours and crawling in the last few weeks and we couldn't be more thrilled! He has made so much progress with physical therapy, its amazing! I'm saying this will be your diagnosis, just letting you know that if it is there is a huge community out there You may want to check out the website as you can get some more information to some questions you have. You have the right attitude though, he is your little blessing and god gave you him for a reason! Be his advocate and work hard for him! We got Finn qualified for early intervention services so that PT is done in our home and its wonderful! Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions! Stay strong!

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I had CT Scans and EEGs before and after I was 10 y/o. The first MRI was done after I was 10 y/o I think. I'm in my mid 30s so the technology wasn't advanced as it is now. I don't really have any pain on my "weaker" side. I can use my left hand to a point and walk. So I'my very lucky. My parents were told I might never walk or talk. I've done both.

I've had only two major surgeries on my legs. A tendon lengthening surgery just before I turned 8 and an adductor transfer surgery (on both legs-partial body cast) when I was almost 11. I've also never broken a bone just casts from surgery. Knock on wood.

I was teased from late 1st Grade through 9th Grade because kids didn't understand my condition. I've learned who my true friends are after all this time. I keep in contact with all of them. Even if then live far apart from me now. I remember crying a lot when I was younger but now I just let it role off my back. I know people don't understand about my condition unless you explain it to them. I love my nephews and nieces because they see me for who I am not my physical challenge.

Finn's Mommy,

I do have an acquaintance from college that had a stroke shortly after birth that caused her CP. Her hand is more affected than mine but she can walk w/o cane or walker. She's been married for almost 11 years and has a two kids.

My mom noticed my first symtoms at 6 months old and I was diagnosed at 10-11 month old. I've now graduated from HS and College (AAS and 6 certificates). I've been married for almost 10 and 1/2 years. I now walk with a cane (used to be walker in Elem School) and use a wheelchair for long distances.

I didn't start to walk until walk until 3 y/o. My parents were told I might never walk or talk. I talked first then walked.

I wrote a paper in 9th Grade on CP and was told that CP can happen before birth, during birth or after birth. Mine happened before birth.

Health in Motion,

I still go to PT after all these for that very reason. I know that it can get worse if I don't take care of myself. I also do home exercises. My mom always says that are certain things that she would do over with me because I so stubborn when I was younger about doing my exercises. Now I'm paying the price in certain respects. I can't turn my left hand all the way over. I also have a cantracture in left arm so I can't fully straighten it out. I've had PT off and on since I was 1 y/o.

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My son has left spastic hemiplegic cp. We did alot of work on crawling I used to hold him up under his belly aeven though hd move his legs and arms for him. his leg doesn't seem as affected make sure you work in it also. My son US now to and his able got really tight

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aww thank you everyone for your advice and tips this is helping me to find new ways to help jaydan i no this may sound harsh but hes so head strong i do tie hes arm down on hes side for 5mins at a time to make him realise he does have another hand i do pysio 5 times a day with jaydan ten mins a time since hes dignoised this is part of hes life now to do pysio every day as i can see how importaint using hes hand is and if left it will worsen jaydan couldnt sit up but sine i realised at 6months somethink wasnt right i went straight to doctors he said wait til jaydan was one i refused and took himhospital hes now 13months old sitting up unaided walks in walker roll side to side comardo crawls with both arms but clenches hes hand were workin on exercives to help hand losen up and getting jaydan on all fours hes talking is really good he can say grandad even im holding hes walking back as pysio said crawling is the key to jaydan building muscle up in hes side of belly on weaker side so later on in life he willbe able to balance better and possible help any limping by doing this i would move heaven and earth for my baby hes my world all your help and info is great people everyone keep up the good work and remember just because you have a disabilty doesnt make any of you any different to any one else we are all equal in every asspect many thanks sarah

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My daughter, Lanie, was diagnosed with right sided hemiparesis at four months. We knew that this was possible due to a MRI that was done while she was in the hospital as a newborn (she contracted a virus and went septic). Do you have a neuro? Are you being followed by early intervention? Lanie gets OT, PT, DT, Speech and will start aqua therapy soon. What I can tell you is that Lanie has come so far due to therapy. Socially, she is age appropriate. She is is 16 months adjusted. She has learned to crawl, stand, and walk with a push toy. We may not be walking (independently) or talking, but slow and steady wins the race. My advice is to focus on each small milestone he makes, no matter how small. Also, as he gets older, I would keep having him reevaluated to ensure that you are getting the right amount of therapy. Lanie started with only OT and PT and as she got older, therapy has been increased to address various issues. Good luck with your little!

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thank you for sharing your stories everyone! it is so helpful. My son is 14 months and has cp/rt side hemiparesis. he gets PT, OT, speech, Aqua, and Anat baniel method therapy. Laniesmom, what is DT???

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Have you all found the chasa( children's hemiplegia and stroke association) website and the hemikids Facebook page

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no, but thank you for that information.

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