Do you know of any financial assistance available since I am unable to work

Hello I am searching for any assistance available to help me and my family since I know most of you are like myself and are unable to hold a job due to having to be available at all times and I live in East Texas and my son is 15 with CP. Thanks in advance

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Have you checked into Medicaid Waivers? Each state seems to have some version. Here in Virginia the one my son qualifies for is called EDCD Waiver. It also pays for a caregiver so I can go out to work.

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Have you applied for SSI Disability. My son qualified for it. All you need to do is call your local social security office and apply.

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Is there anyway you son would qualify for home nursing?
Trach, vent, seizure disorder, developmental delay?

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I would seriosly look into applying for SSI or SSDI. I qualified for SSDI becuse I have Spastic Tripelgic CP. Left side and bottom part of my right leg (and have some work history). You have had so many work credits to qualify for SSDI. You can also get a form online from to apply for your son. Be forewarned you must have a detailed medical history when applying for eaither one. Luckily, my mom had kept my medical records from the time I was a baby or probably wouldn't have qualified when I did.

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Are you on the CLASS List? I know that once a child becomes eligible you could get paid as his full time care taker. I also live in Texas, so I know you would have access to this program. Also, does your son have Medicad?

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Hi, Does you son have an ID or MHMR diagnosis? Does he qualify for an aide or nurse due to his disability?

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Does he attend school?

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Can you please tell me about the CLASS LIST? I know every state is different... I live in NY, never heard of this... people have said something like this exist, but have never been able to find out anything.... thank you.

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