My head feels like someone is squeezing it and then there's that MS hug

I have had MS since I was at least 12 years old dx since 16. I have just recently been dealing with headache problems that feel like something is squeezing my head in and out. It goes on all day and night I get about eight hours of sleep a week when I go to sleep I am awakened by what seems like a crashing noise. I have this Grip around my rib cage. Has anyone out there been able to find relief from a symptom like this? If so please provide me with some suggestions. Thanks in advance. There is also this extremely cold feeling that covers the top and back of my head.

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Hi - I was having problems with the tightness in my ribcage - an ongoing MS hug/banding sensation - and currently it is not too bad.

I had accupuncture already scheduled and mentioned it to my accupuncturist. The needling work he did gave me immediate relief. He wasn't sure how long it would last, but 10 days later I am still pretty good.

Have you talked to your neurologist about this? There may be a drug option to help as well.

my best,

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Im not sure if that is what Im feeling, I do feel a pushing out sensation around my upper abomen, and visible to the eyes. It can be very painful! I dont know if that is a hug. But i have felt that what you feel in the head and it can be very irritating, I notice my mood gets uncontrolable when that happens.

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I had the same feelings on my head when I first started getting MS symptoms. I described it as if a tight band was squeezing the top of my head. Nothing helped. It finally went away on it's own but it took about four months to completely vanish.
The MS hug for me is I can not stand anyone to touch me because it hurt. Also there was certain types of material I could not stand to have touch my skin. I used a sheet to wrap around me to keep everything else from touching my skin.
Eventually these symptoms die down. And others crop up. But I will not let it totally control my lfe. I have lived with MS for 37 years. I hope to live another 30 years regardless of the MS.

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