When your hitting bitten there's no where to go but up!! Thank god:)

Finally talked my doctors office into filling out the paper work, an they faxed it in. Very reluctantly, we talked to our mortgage company about the house payment. That is late but we were able to come up with an explained to them about our current situation an why it was late.They told us to keep our house payment this month for stuff we might need,an just make next months payment on time! I know this is a blessing but can't help but feel bad at the same time. We was taught to work for what we have an not put our financial burdens on others, but right now I'm in no position to say no. So counting my many blessings today an thanking God as he always seems to provide for my family!! Now I'm able to get my phone back on! Gonna cut down some brush today an have a Bon fire for the kids tonight!!. I love weekends because there home all day!!!!!!

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