When Disaster Strikes

I've been "the sick one" for years now in our marriage. I do what I can but there have been definite limits on my ability. And my husband picked up the slack.

Suddenly, he's been diagnosed with heart disease and his life is now filled with limitations...on what he can do and what he can eat.

And then, almost like a cruel joke, he got a knee injury and for the first time in his life has been suffering pain. Last night I woke to hear him banging on the wall. I went in to him and he was crying in pain. He could not move his knee at ALL. I put my hands on his knee and prayed for him. Gave him some anti inflammatories and a drink of water and then went back to bed. He cannot go to work. Cannot go even to the doctor.

He cannot have an MRI or surgery because of his recently placed stents. So we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Yesterday he wrote me a letter of apology. For all these years I've been in pain and he has not always been kind or sympathetic. And now, finally, he understands the misery of pain. Although the apology was lovely, I would rather him not to have known pain. I NEED a healthy husband. There is so much I cannot do.

I"m terrified my husband will lose his job due to this injury. Please, if you are a praying person---please pray for my husband. He needs the Lord's help . The Lord is the only one who can help us now.

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