Trouble In Paradise.

As you all may know, I have been dealing with Dissociative Personality Disorder.. And I'm also a victim of a lovely cherub who struck me right in my heart and got me falling for a wonderful man named Mathew. Problem is... I have a heart different than all of my other personalities... So, as it could not be, they're different personalities.. And I was lucky enough that one of my alters has a massive crush on one of my boyfriend's best friends.
What to do when you can't do anything? Nothing?
Sophie, Sophie, Sophie.
Worst part is, she has the right to be happy and to love whoever she wants, I'm not going to force all of my alters to be completely in love with my boyfriend Mathew, but it'd be nice if they didn't fall for his best friend. Agh. Plus, now I'm really close with and I really trust his roomate Brian, who is a WONDERFUL guy, I mean, he can't get any better than that, and she's writing all over my journal that I have no right on taking Corey away from her when I'm obviously head over heels for Brian. How the heck did this even happen? Excuse me, I'm in a happy relationship, Sophie, and I'd like you to stay the heck away from Corey. She's younger than me, but she has my body. Plus, Corey doesn't know about DID. Neither Corey, nor Brian. I was thinking about telling Brian, but I don't know about Corey. We never talked much, he talked to Sophie more than he ever talked to me. Plus, the fact he doesn't really talk to anyone is a massive attraction factor for Sophie. So I have no clue on what I'm going to do.
I'm moving to Chicago in a year, and I'm going to live with Mathew, Corey and Brian, now how the heck am I supposed to control Sophie from doing anything stupid? I talked to Mathew and he says he knows it's not me, but I'm pretty sure it'd be sad if your spouse kissed your best friend, even in these circumstances.
I'm just really worried about what she could do, and now this is just messing me up really bad. How am I supposed to feel comfortable around the guys when there's a part of me who has sex dreams about my boyfriend's roomate? Plus lately she's been freaking out about how much I'm eating, and she purges all the time, now. I can't even deal with her anymore. I'm just wishing she was gone, all the time, but Mathew likes her. "It's a part of you, and I love all of you". I just wish he'd understand that she's not me.

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