Today my Guts went Psycho !

Today my pain is very much there, more so then before. I have lots of diarrhea, jagged pain in my abdomen, blood coming out of my anus and from my J-pouch, my stoma bleed a lot more than usual (???) it's red and it burns because of leaks. I am folded in two by the pain and am in bed. Tears are running down my cheeks because the pain is too much to bare. I hide so no one will see my pain and my tears. A man does NOT cry. When I got my Ileostomy back in November I was under the impression that all the pain would go away; boy was I miss led. This Crohn's desease is just as bad as UC but the pain is much worst. When will it go away? Will it ever go away? Don't know how long that I will be able to take it. Is dying painful like this? HELP ME, please.
Today is the day that my guts went Psycho.
Sylvain and The Thing. (Name of my stoma)

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