The next step - dealing with Hubby's Hoarding (Collector)

Now that my parents have moved out East (my sister is now caring for them) I finally have time to deal more effectively with my life. To that end, I obtained a part time job in my field of interest (Mental Health) that starts mid-month. I also am keeping my current part-time job as well.

However, home is another matter. To be honest, I spent months away by helping my parents in another City. You see, my husband is, in my opinion, a "way out of control -- hoarder" -- collector -- not trash.

The stuff has invaded virtually all of our living space after completely filling a large storage building. It is difficult if not almost impossible to cook, as only the cutting board is occasionally available to set anything on, including cooking space for a fry pan, etc. and the whole thing is really getting to me.

He keeps busy with low-paying jobs and doesn't have the time to clean it up - and certainly is reluctant to part with the stuff - loves thrift stores - and suffers intense physical back pain, which is only getting worse because of the heavy nature of many of the things he collects.

I THINK I have finally found a possible counselor who understands hoarding - I have to go at it carefully because my husband thinks I have the problems (not hoarding, but others -- I'm in recovery from Bipolar) -- not him.

I'd be interested in your thoughts -- have others gone through situations with husbands or other family members who are hoarders? What works, what doesn't. How does one help them come to the conclusion that there IS a problem that needs to be addressed?

I am not a great one for cleaning this up myself, as I am not the most organized, plus not much time with 2 jobs, but do want to either be supportive and help where I can while he cleans it up, or if he doesn't choose to, for this and many other reasons, I may need to make some major changes in my living situation.




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