The days are just getting harder! Watching my life unravell!!!!

Well this morning I managed to forget my daughters seizure medication. An of course I didn't realize that till the school called an said her bus driver had to call 911 because she was having them on the bus!She is fine now an ended up being able to stay at school! My husband said he would start giving her meds,an assured me that it probably wasn't the reason for the seizure an anyone can forget. I feel so stupid,how can I forget something so important!!! My phone gets cut off sometime tomorrow an this is the only Internet I have so wont be able to post anything till I can get it back on:( It's not just the material things that bother me it's not being able to work,drive,an now cant even take care of my kids properly!!! I'm loosing my life an yet I'm very much alive!! Watching my life fade away piece by piece becoming more an more dependent on others! I know will get through this an will be stronger because of it but for now Life's Rough!!! I try an be positive for the kids but its hard sometimes! But on a more positive note cut up some of the girls old clothes an surpriseing them with new Barbie clothes im sewing them all kinds of stuff should have them done by weekend!An got some apples off my nebiors tree an making fresh baked apples tonight!!

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