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Oh Happy Day! My stockings are working good for me so far. I was afraid I was going to have trouble getting them to fit on the inside of my left thigh up at the top. Today I got them started by myself and they fit my left thigh just right. It is a good feeling to have something to go right after all the hard work I put in, for as long as it has been. Anyway from I think It has been about 2 years When I started Cardiac rehab. Oh my it was so hard at first. I would have to sit down 3 or 4 times before I could get to where I was going in the treatment building on the 2nd floor. When I finished I could walk from where my ride left me off all the way where I needed to go. I was still somewhat winded but I didn't need to stop and rest or catch my breath 2 or 3 times or more. Now the humidity is what gives me a hard time getting out of breath. So phase 2 of my self improvement quest is accomplished with the wearing of the stockings. Yippi! Also 50 lbs. gone since i started cardio rehab. I lost 30 lbs. then. Doing good with the weight. Since I started with the treatment for CHF. I have lost a totalt of 50 lbs. I have lots more to go. When I lost my oldest daughter in 1999 I had gained 50 lbs. since that time I gained 150 lbs. It was in 1997 that we found out she had brain cancer. Well thats enough for today. I digress.

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