slowing down, i think

It's been a crazy couple of month's, and, even though the craziness continues, it appears to be losing pace.

We had my friends husband's funeral November 2nd, 32 days after the accident. I was better, personally, when things were crazier. Now, I have to finish this "divorce" process. He's of little help. I've packed most of what he took... But, he left a lot behind, and I'm the one who has to deal with it all. Stuff he wants, but, evidently, he thinks because he's moving out, but we are civil, I can just live Around his stuff. Well. That's coming to an end.

He's just trying to drag this out. So, I'm going to spend the next two weeks packing the rest of his stuff and have it All put out in the shed. Then, I'm changing my locks. He's had almost 6 weeks to get whatever he wanted... I think I've been more than fair and civil at this point. He's not even attempted to stop or even slow his drinking... I'm moving on, he will figure it out eventually.

In the midst of everything, my plaques are healing. So, I am safely assuming that Allen and I are actually toxic for each other. I love him. I probably always will. But, our time together is over.

I really just wanted to stop by and thank those of you who have thought of me and prayed for me. It means the world to me.

Much love and respect to all of my inspire friends and family.


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