Positive thoughts

I had a decent day today. I went on a long walk, got some clothes at a store where everything is free, and checked out two thrift stores. I hung out at a park with wooden equipment for a little bit.
I felt pretty good being outside. It was a necessary reminder that I must make a daily habit out of going on lengthy walks.
Being outside is vital for your soul.
I also read a little bit and intend on reading some more after I meditate.
I plan on meditating in the next 10 minutes.
I also got to spend some time with my mom today which was nice.
For the past two days I've been watching a hypnosis video on youtube that is supposed to improve your self-esteem. I plan on watching it everyday. In 3 months we'll see how far I come.
Yesterday I wrote in my notebook and I think I will devote some time for that later tonight as well.
I have an obsessive mind so I've been fighting with unwanted thoughts regarding past traumas and relationships. Walking definitely helps though. I realize how beneficial walking is but I still allow myself to stay indoors. I allow my depression to win. I no longer will let it win. Even if I feel completely terrible I must step outside anyway. Every time I start walking I quickly remember how therapeutic it is.
I only wish that I had friends I could see on a regular basis. I also wish I could start having a steady flow of income.
Oh well, the opportunity will present itself in due time.
If anyone wants to be friends, then they should shoot me a message :)
I'd be happy to make more friends on here.

Edited March 21, 2013 at 9:43 pm

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