Poem "Tears of glass"

A single tear slid down her cheek, slowly, filled with dreams
Until it turned into a perfect orb, reflecting rainbow Hued scenes
When hitting the table it shattered, in to a million razor sharp
Shards of glass, sliding painfully into her chest, her arms, and driving directly Into her heart. The pain of a million dreams shattered,
Simply by one tear, one perfect rainbow Hued orb sliding down her face.

She gasped in despair, though no one was there,
where once someone sat and used to stare back
Now just an emptying space, no not a trace,
Another tear rolled down her face, yet more dreams to be

He stood further back, at the tears he looked at
With a slight smile on his face, which he just could not
Erase. Then he was gone in the night. Once he beheld her
love and kept her in a gentle embrace not one to be replaced.

Now she was out of his thoughts, out of his space.
Just memories that he wished to erase.
One day he would face, all alone in his own place
His own tears of which would glisten in a rainbow mist,
Only to shatter like glass, with dreams he had missed
And with that mighty blow, only then would he know
That all of this could have been avoided with one little kiss.

A tradegy the tears of glass, full of what were the dead future instead of what should have been happy memories from the past.

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