Lately I've been really enjoying going on long walks. One thing I notice from meditating is that I am more mindful and less urgent or hasty about arriving to my destination. If something strikes my fancy along the walk, I take the time to stop and relish the moment. The need to rush no longer consumes my thoughts. I'm also enjoying the simple things, which in reality are big things.
We are all very fortunate to be able to experience consciousness. It may at times be scary, odd, bizarre, frightening or unpleasant, but despite the discomfort, having the opportunity to BE consciousness is worthwhile.
We exist! How awesome is that?
This is a world of appearances and I've been trying not to take the illusion of life so seriously.
I like living simplistically. I want to live authentically.
I went on a bike ride for the first time in a while. I read a book that's been holding my attention in the park earlier today. I've been talking to my mom more frequently along with talking to a friend on the phone.
Everyday I've been practicing gratitude for all that I have and all that has yet to come.
My life always feels more enriching when I discover a new book.
Earlier I ordered four books that are apart of a series I've begun reading. It only cost a little over 13 dollars. I'm thankful that my mom's friend paid for the order.
I sent him blessings earlier.
I also need to send blessings for Sherry (Slyn24) who's going see a surgeon at 6 in the morning.
I'm going to taper off now and watch the hypnosis video I like to watch daily.

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