Pain and Depression go Hand in Hand

I have lost two good paying jobs because of my Sarcoidosis; I also had to care for my dying mother that had bone cancer, renal failure, and Dementia. Needless to say all of these things affected me and my wifes life drastically. One day I sat in my car, the day I was told I was losing my job due to illness, and I contemplated suicide for the first time in my life, and the only thing that kept me from picking up my survival knife and slitting my throat was anger yes anger! My anger escalated; towards the military, towards everyone that couldnt see how much pain I was in. I was even angrier at myself for allowing self-pity to destroy me. I made a decision that day that I would help people that were in pain. That is how and why I became a Chaplain, if you are in pain and contemplating suicide I Psalm 13 David felt the same way too...but David realized in the last verse that he could trust in the salvation of The Lord to help him survive.

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