Ok Ladies...

I have a story for ya. Lil silly, but its from childhood.
A little background first:
When I was little, the YMCA gad a father/daughter program called " Indian Princesses". You meet once a month and the girls do a craft, have a quick, so called meeting..lol. Looking back, I think they socialized, had a cocktail, and time away from the house ; )
Unfortunately, they don't call it Indian Princesses anymore, due to racial issues..... Side note.....
I feel this was not, because we were learning and praising the way American Indians were savvy on day to day survival and techniques for life!


Here we go:

White Flower:

For any of you who know about Indian Guides/Princesses-
To you, know, my tribe was of the Choctaw. Nope, not the Indians that are a part of our history today, but

Choctaw of...... Clemmons!
We were a tribe of very bright, ambitious young ladies!
And, then there were our Dad’s!
I can tell some storr eees !!!!!! Mostly about how our Dad's could fudge on the scavenger hunts, drowning boat of the Chief, Men of the wild (if ya call a bunch of pop’s jabbering outside the cabins at Camp Hanes).....Well, that's stories for later!

One day, I will take you on the adventures of..... Choctaw of Clemmons!

The Importance of the name given to me..........

White Flower was my name.

I will start out by informing you of the name that was given to me..... “WHITE FLOWER”

‘Ok, fine, I picked it out’, I was Nine, and the name was really, really cool! Ya know!!!!

Anyway....back to the importance of "White Flower"!

It was a very important name that meant ....”I will conquer the world”!
I will be the Hero of all girls and ladies alike! My mission in life is to be the humble, yet, an extremely strong leader of the future of the world of women! I would follow in the footsteps of the brave ladies before me: Harriet Tubman (my very first book report in school-and, did she inspire me!) Amelia Eerhart! President! I know it hasn’t happened yet, but still! Important in it’s self. I would make all the ladies before me proud! They would shine down on me & give me their empowerment to do…..something important,,,(remember I was only 9 & the world was out there for me!)

So, the name, “WHITE FLOWER” Is Woman Power.

(I wanted you to think I had a very special name & the powers came to me (At NINE), in a dream, and touched me with such a powerful & honorable name!)

So, I give you this:

Black and white are highly symbolic, yet technically neither are actually colors. White reflects all colors whereas black absorbs all light. As opposites they contrast sharply - where white reveals, black conceals. Both have strong religious connotations.

White signifies purity and perfection and can represent a successful beginning. It is no accident that virgins and brides wear white. White symbolizes wholeness, openness, truth and kindness.

I give you Women!

We are all ‘White Flower’ in our important roles of life!

It’s not a name of race, age or status in life, but what we, as women, give to this world!

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