More information to look for when diagnosed with Pseudoseizures

Thanks to Kelly, who signed my guestbook.. I think this is some valuable information to check into. As I did have a fibroid surgery removal in Nov of 2009 and was diagnosed with major depressive disorder in Feb 2010.. and then from then went downhill with passing out, seizures, etc... Please Read.. this is good information:

Anti-NMDA (N-methyl D-aspartate) receptor encephalitis is an acute form of encephalitis, potentially lethal but with high probability for recovery, caused by autoimmune reaction against NR1- and NR2-subunits of the glutamate NMDA receptor.[1] Different descriptions and syndromal designations for this disease existed in the medical literature prior to 2007, when the cause was established and it received its current name.[2] The disease is associated with tumours, mostly teratomas of the ovaries, and thus is considered a paraneoplastic syndrome. However, there are a substantial number of cases with no detectable cancerous tissue.
According to a review of 100 cases in The Lancet,[3] 91 of the 100 patients were women, mean age of all patients numbered 23 years (5-76 range); of the 98 patients that underwent an oncological screening, 58 had a tumour, predominantly an ovarian teratoma. All patients presented with psychiatric symptoms or memory problems; 76 of them suffered from seizures, 88 developed unresponsiveness (decreased consciousness), 86 - dyskinesias, 69 - autonomic instability, and 66 - hypoventilation. Tumour treatment associated with better prognosis; 75 patients got well without residual problems and 25 died or were left with severe deficits.
New York Post reporter Susannah Cahalan wrote a book called Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness about her experience with the disease.[4]

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