Missed 2 days of medication

I have been having a rough time any way w/ the boy friend and all his baggage. I had been feeling wierd today, but went to the grocery store by the time I got home I was enraged, and getting this tingling sensation all over not thinking what it was I was so mad I went to my now snow covered garden and just began smashing, bending shepard hooks throwing stuff over the bank.
I came back in the house and it was even worse, so I went to my daily med box and realized I had missed 2 days worth. That is very unlike me to miss 2 doses. I have been pre-occuppied w/ his sons up coming RTC- Navy graduation, the boyfriends wants and needs to be fullfilled, as mine do not. He wants me to move away after the graduation, right where ALL his wifes relatives are... I have been trying very hard not to just snap, but I don't know how much longer I can until my counseling begins again.

Honestly I have really been thinking of ways to just end it all, the never ending pain, burden, a waste of life I have become.

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