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Life is starting to get better. Alice is walking now and has 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom). It's hard to keep up with her but it keeps my mind off things I shouldn't think about. My depression has made me crawl into this shell of not wanting to communicate with anyone or have sympathy of me because I chose my life the way it is so might as well not harp about it. I feel so fortunate that I have my beautiful Alice to keep me together and I have learned that I can move on with out needing somethings I used to have in my life. I'm sorry for not posting more all you Alice followers I feel really bad and feel i have let you all down. She is 1 now if I haven't said that. Hard to remember certain stuff now. I think my mind just blocks me out of everything and leaves room for just Alice. It's sad when my own mom thought I was dead because there was no line of communication. I suck at this whole wanting to reach out to people and ask for advice or seek help. I hope I can start getting better. If ya have any questions just ask if it be about Alice or me!
Hugs with much love from,
Ashley & Alice

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