Life Sucks

I wish I was brave enough to end my own life.
I'm too afraid of pain to go through with it.
So every new moment is another torture.
Man this sounds emo.
I'm not even going to bother explaining why I feel like this, read my earlier posts and you'll all beg me to do it.
I'm a waste of space and flesh and blood.
I'm more worthless than a reality TV star and Lindsay Lohan combined.
Yet I'm so greedy that I keep cursing the world with my existence.
I'm typing all this for no reason, really. Just to get attention, they say.
Just to get all the delusional religious fanatics involved.
"You'll be happy if you accept Jesus into your life," they say.
Can't make fun of them, they're doing "God's work." It's against the rules on this site to be honest. The people in charge here just want happy happy joy joy here instead of admitting how awful the universe really is.
They have banned posts of mine before because it was offensive. How about all the offense these fanatics have caused me?
OK, getting off topic here. Probably getting banned for this, because it's a depressing post, and we can't have that in Antidepressant Land.
Anyway, yeah, I wanna die really really bad, but I'm too much of a coward to do it.
If only I was attractive and didn't have all this psoriasis that has essentially turned me into the ugliest monster alive.
This is why I won't use my picture, every girl on this site would barf at the same time.
Off topic again. I'm ending this post.

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