Lady Passed Over Rainbow Bridge Yesterday

Hey, Y'all...

Some of you know that Lady's daddy is an ex of mine, and is now my roommate. I knew Lady, a mostly white Shih Tsu with bits of grey and tan (kept in a short puppy cut), when she was still with her first daddy. I used to jokingly refer to myself as her "stepmom" and she my "stepdog," but I couldn't have loved her any less than if she'd been mine.

Lady quickly developed problems with either one or both of her rear feet tripping her up by turning in when she'd try to walk, just the day before yesterday. Then that night, Jeff said Lady whimpered in her sleep half the night. She was 13 years old (we think), could only see shadows, and was deaf. She hadn't eaten anything substantial for just a couple of days. There was no question it was time to let her go, even before we got the Dx's from her vet. He explained it wasn't the usual problems small dogs develop in their hips, but rather neurological and probably from her spine. Then he said she'd lost half her body mass in under a year, which was an indicator of more than just her age and she probably had cancer.

Our loving, lovely Lady was allowed to go to sleep very slowly, with both Jeff and I stroking her. She now rests in peace, pain free and young, running through the grass after squirrels that she was just afraid of enough for her to not quite ever catch.

My Favorite Lady Story: There was no question who would take Lady home when her fist daddy passed over because she'd picked Jeff long ago. The very first time she laid eyes on him, she ran *up* the side of a recliner, across the back, then sat, quietly "woofed," and *reached* for Jeff with her upraised paw. Everyone swore she'd never done anything like it before.

Love, Blessings, and {{{{{ gentle huggies }}}}}


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