just a thought of mine ..

If there ever came a time,
that you thought no-one could hear the pain in your heart.
And that your prescience in this world
didn't count.
Tears upon tears, with the abandoned silence no-one hears.
Such struggles enough to tear your world apart.
You feel like you lost your way,
wondering where the peace has gone from yesterday.
There none reliable not one friend.
the madness in your world seems too twist and bend.
If you feel you lost your way,
and you life really doesn't count.
find yourself again,
even through the burden
change your point of view from this very start.
love yourself, make your life mount
because even through all the pain
even through all the sorrow
The world wouldn't be the same if you were gone tomorrow
Of course your life does count
So never go to the point of no return

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