July 1, 2013...

Well, another month has passed by and life remains the same and I feel powerless to change anything. I am entering a dark place in my life. Yesterday, I ate until I was sick. All restaurant food. Big Daddy's BBQ, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen chicken, coleslaw, watermelon, tootsie rolls, etc. My blood sugars went sky high and I didn't even care. They are still high and I still don't care. I am suppose to send sugar levels to doctor this morning and I don't care to do this either. I am just going to go to bed and forget about the rest of the day. It will be a cold day in hell before I turn on our a/c, either. I will have a heat stroke first. No, it's not that hot here in Minnesota, but my body can't stand the heat. I better go before I am caught being where I am not suppose to be. I HATE MY LIFE AND I AM POWERLESS TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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