It's been a while

I haven't been on, but I certainly have been busy. I have been to a neurologist who gave me pills that calm the nerve receptors so my body isn't in extreme pain. I go to physical therapy three times a week and the owner/therapist specializes in CMT.

I have been talking to my birth mother and she told me I may be bipolar which wouldn't surprise me at all. I moved back in with my adopted mother, because even though I'm not sure why, God gave me a HUGE sign that I need to be here.

I am almost on SSI, Medicaid, and food stamps. Soon I will go visit my birth mother and my Papa. I found a stray cat by my adopted mothers house and named him Philip. He follows me everywhere, even to the toilet and to bathe.

I have gone camping, hiking, and been taking down fences with little problem since I got on the meds. I also stopped taking Concerta for my ADHD because it was giving me severe aggression. I now have leather AFOs and am thinking of ways to decorate. :)

Michael and I are still going strong even though I keep screwing things up. He helps me with anything that I need. I wish he was here at my mothers. I fell this morning on the kitchen floor and couldn't pick myself up. My mother was in town so I yelled out to my disabled brothers for help. The dog came and laid down next to me, than the cats, than the youngest brother, but still the one brother who might've been able to help was no where to be found.

Had to go to Colorado to get my grandparents because my grandfather fell ill. I had to drive one vehicle all the way back. My arms and legs went dumb so we had to stop every hr to an hr and a half or risk an accident plus I had the autistic brother with me so when his dvd played died he screamed and hit it than when we got into bumper to bumper traffic he started to hit it into my side. It ended up in the back seat.

Hope everyone is well, I am almost 19. :) Excited! I'm also saving for a car. :D Any ideas for decorating leather braces. ;) Make me stand out in shorts even more. I flaunt my braces to everyone. hehe.

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