I'm in love with a paranoid schizophrenic

Me and my boyfriend have only been together for 5 months but it was the strongest connections either of us felt. I have depression and generalized anxiety disorder where I have panic attacks. I have gotten a lot better but I'm not perfect. My boyfriend was that same and he understood and loved me for it. He has recently felt a surge in his delusions and paranioa so he went to see someone. The have told him he is a paranoid schizophrenic. My boyfriend broke up with me because he thinks that its best for me. We talked everyday and I want to help him and be there for him more then anything. It has been 2 weeks and we have talked nearly everyday because I don't think he is handling things correctly and I love him with all my heart and want to help him. He keeps pushing me away and he is getting more and more unlike himself. He promised me that he would always love me and would come back as soon as he could. Now he says he has no feelings for me nor does he care about me and he made out with some random girl at a party. The boy I fell in love with would have hated himself, the boy now doesn't care. I want to help him. I have been researching all day long, because I want to be by his side through all of it because I know that he will be himself again and we can continue with our life. I don't even really know what I'm asking for...I am so extremely hurt but hes not himself. I am just very confused and any input on any of this would be greatly appreciated.

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