I went away to come to Life!!

Hi Everyone....

First, let me apologize for my random absences.... That's why some of you have my email, and even phone to text.... I kind of have a habit of disappearing for a time, then popping back up... And, its not an online exclusive.... All four times I've moved as an adult, it was....,well looking back, a bipolar decision.... I decided on the spot to take what I absolutely needed and left. It's just part of who Billie is.

While I've been off line, I ended up going on the biggest vacation ever in my life. My mother-in-law bowls state and national tournaments.... This year was Reno Nevada, and she took me with. I only had to pay 1/4 of the room, 1/4 parking at airport, my meals, and whatever I wanted to gamble or spend...

I spent 5 days there for $550, gambled every day, went to seven casino's, ate better than at home, lost weight, AND came home with 13 t shirts, two magnets, a cool 35 second timer, actual poker chips I dis not cash in because I'm making vest pins out of them.... Probably four or five other souvenirs, and $120...

I won a lot of my money back at a black jack table... My Favorite game. I was Beat. I don't do escalators, I prefer not to take elevators, and before this trip I was on one one hour flight in a lil puddle jumper... I'll fly anywhere on a big plane.... Now..

I haven't been this Alive in I can't remember when. I have no urge to gamble either. That's strange for me. I am a gambler, I could never live in a place like that. I would be gambling from a cardboard box...

I got up every morning, dipped in the hot tub for 10 minutes, swam in the pool for another 20 or so, then one pain pill, and off we went. I bet we walked 30-50 miles a day. Between going downtown and up and down to our room, we were going for 14-18 hour days... I hurt bad by day 3, but I kept going.

Day 3 is when I conquered the moving sidewalks, escalators, and all other motion equipment I don't like. To have dinner at the one of the two places I REALLY wanted to, an escalator was my only option... I had a shoelace get caught in the early 80's at JC Penny's, and it was BAD.... There are FAR more safety switches and gadgets today then back when life was simple...

I wanted to go to CalNeva. Walked in, saw a Harley Davidson Slot, put $10 in, pulled $108 out.... I was stoked. Prime rib, choice of Potato or Rice, steamed veggies, a cup of soup, and a dinner roll, $5.99.... And it was incredible! It was at least a 12-16 oz steak, and not processed crap like you would think.

I have been in a Rut since my dad, then Allen's dad passed within 18 months of each other. Now, my step dad of over 20 years has a suspicious tumor in his thoracic cavity .... But, they are waiting two months to see if it grows. It's just been one after another, and I had NO IDEA HOW SEVERE MY DEPRESSION HAD BECOME..... Until I went on vacation.

I won't sugar coat it one bit. I hurt from head to toe and back again once day 2 wasending.... Even cried myself to sleep in pain... Thank God for the awesome beds!!!! And the hot tub.

I thought Nevada was a legal marijuana state, but they repealed the law. I had taken about 10 joints with me... Yes, through security, on the plane, in my purse....No issues. But, once I found out It's ok to sell ass but not smoke grass, I was a little nervous about taking what I hadn't smoked through the airport at Reno. Just because Chicago doesn't bother with it, doesn't mean Reno airport would be the same. My mother-in-law, is who called and asked security if I could have it on the plane. They don't even bother with it.

So. It's my last night, and I go for a hot tub, and a swim. While in the pool, I'm trying to decide.... Throw away $90 worth of pot, or take a chance on getting it back on the plane.... When I met them. An awesome couple from Canada. They were having a major splurge vacation, and were on the 24th floor of the casino (we stayed at The Atlantis.)

Just in conversation, he mentions that he couldn't "bring anything with because of customs"...., I immediately asked what he meant by "anything".... He wanted pot, and had a license..... Big help to me, and no broken marijuana laws....

We exchanged information, and now my husband and I have an invitation to hunt moose and bear at their cabin in Canada.... They took what we didn't smoke, so I was feeling comfortable.

I only explained all of that, to tell you this. I got home on the 8th, I finally unpacked today, so my girlfriend could borrow my camp back pack for her trip to Cali.... At the last second, I though, I better check these pockets, and remembered two little side pockets I didn't even check when I used it....

Inside, there was an all brass pipe, called a proto pipe. What it is, is an all in one pack and carry pipe. It has a tube that you cut and pack weed in for on the go, and you take it apart to fill and use it. I had NO idea it was in there. I don't understand why I got patted down over zippers in my pants, yet my carry on had a metal pipe they didn't even see...... Yet, one girl in our party had a full purse search and pat down over a tube of quarters in an m n m tube.

It's not one of mine, its my husband's.... When I pulled that out, he about fell over. He lost it almost two years ago, and was just talking with his friend about it last week.

Too funny. All my Faith in the TSA now.... They should have found it..... Any Substance could be carefully carried in the 3" long, 1/2 inch round metal tube. I mean, I'm glad it wasn't found, but kinda makes me wonder how GREAT all this extra airport crap really is.

Oh... FYI, 1.,This is a Journal
2. I wrote it for inspiration to not let depression OR psoriasis stop your life like I did 3. Totally looking to make someone laugh..... Not everything we discuss needs to be about death, disease, cure, doom, ..... We need some funny, I find this funny, if you don't, feel free to leave the thread...

As Always, Best Wishes

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