I Miss My Baby Girl

I am really close to my 3 kids. My daughter Christina is in Florida for some of the summer. Her dad decided to take off to Florida and took me to court to try to take her, change her school, move her away from friends and family, etc. He lost obviously! And he has no idea how much hurt he would be causing doing making all of those changes in her life.

Well, I'm so excited and so is she!! She is coming home tomorrow !! It's been a month. I have FaceTime luckily and she talks to me constantly and won't call asleep unless I'm next to her on the iPad. I do know she has to see her dad. It's important. I have her the whole school year. I just feel I am missing vacation time with her. So luckily it worked out to where it's split to where I'm a week short of half the summer. When she gets older she will be able to make her own decisions.

I don't think I will sleep tonight! I'm way too pumped up! We are going to have a fun couple of weeks. Then she will go there and be back on Aug 19 for the school year!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


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