I made it back

I can't believe it's already been two weeks! Just a couple months ago, I was telling my psych I didn't think I was ever going to feel that "good" feeling again. I kept telling myself those days were over. The best part of my life had ended and my life was now going to be crap and I should get used to it. And yet, upping that Topamax 25mg more to 75mg/nite has made me whole again. I feel like I am me again.

I haven't felt this good since 2005. Thank you Doc, thanks for your belief in me for your hard work and thank you me for somehow still working on me anyway and some small part of me still trying.

I don't know how long things will last this time, and I don't care. I will enjoy life as much as I can. I will share as much of myself and the good of living with others as I am able to do.

Just wanted to share my happy journey with all my friends here who have given me hope and inspiration and courage when I needed it. My doc says you all are one of the best things in my life now. I couldn't agree more. THANKS EVERYONE!!! <3

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