Hmm webcam support ???? no insurance postensephalitic syndrome

is there any occupational therapists that help via web cam. cant hold a job I try but get distracted then mess up something small to me butt..... not to my past employers am lost dont know what to put on my resume I have done some graphics for a few people in the past few years so was thinking was going to make that into a job since cant really explain that I cant hold a job. really depressed I keep trying to learn new stuff to find a job as soon as I learn it I'm lost again and have to start over. I try to explain to my family they don't get it have a few friends I talk to it about but they don't know how to help me. New here have suffered my hole life from after effects encephalitis. Am participating in a add research study now but it is a blind study. starts next week. right now I'm on amphetamine salts. I have had to stop my antidepressant for this study. mmm probably not a good idea. I wake up every morning and tell my self that I am going to get something accomplished most of the time I have to relearn what I want to get done because of massive confusion. not sue what to do Im getting unemployment but. that doesn't help me wright a resume or a cover letter. I have tried to reach out to the community and get help. I cant organize. I forget about my appointment or I get lost how to get there (directions, ect) I hate using my disorder as an excuse cant organize at all. wish I could talk or get help form a therapist on line so they could see me in my environment and help me out

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