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Ran across a link in MHA's newsletter today that I checked before but wasn't in the frame of mind to muddle through then. You know what I mean? Of course you do. Anyway, it is a link about telling your story with supportive info when you have been denied a recommended form of treatment for mental health or addiction. The parity act is law, but the final wording has yet to be installed this year to best cover our needs so they are asking for all possible examples of denials by insurance or state or whomever funds your care. Can be done by phone or email and they have a sample of each for you to plug in your own information as a guide so not complicated (I think they know us!). It is here:

Since that is a secure webpage, may not be able to go directly there. Start with the NMHA newsletter or website and look for the "Tell your story" link. They need our help to get us the best coverage possible, so anyone up to it needs to let them know. Providers can do it for you if they will. Providers can also link in with their input if you will pass it along to your doctors and therapists. I know my doc gets frustrated by getting denials, so he will be interested in this. I will email it to his office, cuz I'll never remember to tell him.

They also have link to a site that does advocacy work for claim denials on forms of treatment to help us work with providers through hearings or just proper application wording or whatever they can do to get things through. I am glad to know this is here. It can be helpful.

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