Have had better days.

I surprised myself and got up to an alarm and stayed up. Have been having trouble staying away & not go back to bed. I think maybe due to visit with Rad Onconolgist who said he may never get to swallow the rest of his life.
I have noticed a lack of energy over the past month when I wake up. Have started getting some walking time, even if I just march in place. I started with going how far I can without needing a puff of my Asthma inhailer. Also with lack of enough sleep I know I have sleep depravation and that adds to being so tired during the day.
Tomorrow my husband has a test to see why one of his shoulders hasn't gotten better since his surgery to remove tumor. They want to confirm it isn't nerve damage. I still am looking at life 'glass half full' but it's a bit harder to stay with it due to lack of sleep.
Ok, so I'm having a bad day, venting helps me so much. I think the evening will be better, has to be. I have a CD of Whales and it helps me sleep. Got it out a couple of days ago, I'll see if it helps.
Hope all are having a great day.

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