Hard to be empathetic when you judge people...

As a hospital Chaplain I see pain and hearthache daily, sometimes it reminds me to care and love people without juudgement. I met a lady that was suicidal yesterday and she kept saying she had nothing to live for, no one in the E/D seemed to take her seriously, I heard one technician say.."She just wants a free meal"...but I was looking in this ladies eyes I saw PAIN, it almost made me cry because no one else say this in her eyes but me....because that is how I feel most days, I just held her hand and let her vent. I asked her if she had children and that was the only time I saw her mood shift...she loved her children..and I pray that is enough to make her want to live.

Chaplain Stevens

Edited September 28, 2013 at 1:13 pm

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