Grrrrrrr *rant*

It's been a bad couple of months for me. First all the junk in December. The accident and the insane ways of the medical system. That only seems to be
Getting worse instead of better. I have a great PCM doctor. But I have to book six months in advance to see her. ( again insane when I need to see her before the 6 months I have to try and get an appointment starting at 7:30 am and wait to see if she has an opening.) then you get my neurologist who understands how I feel with everything bc she had her flu shot (that hurt her for 5 weeks) so the pain of whiplash and a broken wire in my neck is nothing to worry about ( never mind I have more movement then I ever did even b4 the surgery as a kid) so I'm at a road block there with her...(I explain and she says you will feel better in a couple of weeks.(it's been over a month and I still am having daily migraines and pain at the base of my well as sharp shooting pains down my back and other issues of hurting.)
Then you get my psychiatrist (new dr) had a real great one who listened and actually listened to me... But she was offered a higher paying job with amazing benefits ( so I don't blame her for leaving). Now I get this dr (use the term loosely ) that first of is a video conference ..(never again am I going through that! ) complete waste of my time. The nurse asks me to sit down and talk to him. So I do as I said before I'm not having a good couple of months and needed to talk to him. So he asks how am I sleeping, I tell him that I'm not I can't fall asleep till about 4 or 5 am and get up at 6:15 to wake my girls up so Grammy can take them to school. And that I stopped taking my ablify bc it doesn't work. He then says ablify isn't to make you sleepy it's to make your mood stabilized ....I told him well then it's stil not working right and I was wanting to try lunesta for sleeping as that is compatable with the other medicines I'm on.he says he will put me on trazodone 100 mg to take at night. I asked was it compatable with my other medicines. He responds with I will see you in 4 to 8 weeks and then dismisses me. (Wth I didn't get to talk to him about my other issues and concerns.)so here I sit afterward looking up the compatablilty of trazodone with everything else I'm on and find out that it has really bad effects when combined..(joy) so I still have all my issues,still have my depression and everything else. No answers in sight and I still can't sleep! So now what. I'm getting a new dr when I go back... And hopefully I will get answers and relief I hope. Also getting a new counsler who understands and if not actually cares does a good job of acting like she does...and returns phone calls would be helpful as well....;

I'm waiting on consults from my dr for fibromyalgia as well as some one to help me get a service dog for anxiety.
Sorry this is so long but I'm frustrated and no one at home has NF or the other issues.

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