I've met another girl. I meet many. They just never outlast "the one who will remain anonymous" She is 24. 9 years younger than me. She attends the community college for the nursing program. I think that's rad. I'm still torn between LBCC and Cerritos... but... you never know... -Her name is S. and she is really cute. Fun to talk with. Her roomates are from Arkansas and of course I'm from Louisiana. That's kind of cool. They moved to get away too loL. Yes... yes... I miss J. But what can you do? When I try to talk to her there is a very visible no trespassing sign before I can get anywhere near. So I take the hint and keep walking right passed... meeting new people along the way and maybe somewhere in between it all... a new love? Hey who knows. Just happy to report that I'm in a nice feel good mood tonight. Meds done. Food done. Time for bed. GoodNighT worLd. <3

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