Getting sick AGAIN. Celiac or Crohn's ??????

I must have eaten something which I was not suppose to eat that had Gluten in it. All ingredients where suppose to be GF but I feel so sick and feel like vomiting. I have diarrea and pain in my abdomen. Don't know what happened. I'm itchy all over. If it was not of the Blizzard outside I'd go to the ER but it's too dangerous out there. Is it Celiac's or is it Crohn.s disease? Don't know any more. Hope that tomorrow it will be better. My door is half full of snow, can't get out even if I wanted to. Man I don't feel good. Can't wait to see my doctor again this week coming.

Sorry can't go on, going to toilette to ..... and then to bed.
Sylvain and The Thing (Name of my stoma)

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