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A book that a psychiatrist told me about and that I recommend is "Of Two Minds: the Revolutionary Science of Dual-Brain Psychology," by Dr. Frederic Schiffer, a professor in psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. The book explains Dr. Schiffer's therapy in which he communicates with mostly the right or mostly the left mind. I have personal things to say about this but want to give an explanation first.

From Camille Chatterjee in "Psychology Today": In the book, "Schiffer gives us overwhelming evidence that each side of our brain possesses an autonomous, distinct personality -- with its own set of memories, motivations, and behaviors." * * * He contends that "if one side becomes more troubled than the other, due to stress or childhood trauma, the resulting friction causes mental conflict. * * * Schiffer's ideas are based on split-brain studies from the 1960s in which epileptics undergoing surgery to disconnect their brain hemispheres lost their painful seizures -- but gained a dual personality."

Dr. Schiffer's patient wears goggles that block one side of what he can see. Somehow, the patient can then communicate with Dr. Schiffer from the right mind or the left mind.

I tried to make the goggles but couldn't get them right. So I have experimented by blocking stimuli on one side or the other. At the moment I have an earplug in my left ear and an eye patch over my left eye. So I can write this from mostly my right brain, right mind. That is my more troubled mind.

I feel different over here. I feel scared and lonely. I feel immature. I feel that I can't understand the world. I feel that I want to be near my mother. I feel that I can't trust anyone who will read this. I feel afraid. I feel also calm; there is quiet over in this side of my brain.

I want to talk to you from this side. That's an inexpensive way to do this peculiar therapy of mine. Also I write better on this side.

I hope that you did not find the beginning of this posting boring. I want to make things clear.

I am very much a child on this side. This mind is where the harm that I could -- but won't -- cause would come from. If I have a psychosis, whatever that means, it's over on this side of my brain. Someone may reply that this is dangerous, blocking one side and writing. Don't worry; I have been doing this, off and on, since 2000. I want to talk more but don't want to be criticized for writing long postings. You are my reader, and I don't want to lose you.

I want to work with my new therapist while one side of my head is blocked. That is disturbing, but stuff comes out that never can come out with both sides open (with both sides open, neither side blocked, this posting would be very different). I hope that you will consider using an earplug and experimenting with communication.

Thank you for listening.

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