Fighting for child custody with chronic illnesses

I am starting the long journey of divorce and trying to gain complete custody of my two toddlers. My husband asked for a divorce based on the fact that I am "disabled". He told me he was NOT going to try for custody of the children. I have found that he is going to fight me for the children.
He is unreliable in his job, it is never known when he will receive a paycheck. While i admit that he is good with the children and he loves them, there are times he does not care for them properly and treats them as children much older than they are (ex: takes the 3yr old outside and then pays no attention to the child while he is outside. He has hunting dogs that knock the child down AND a small duck pond that has no fence.) He has his good points and his bad points. Personally i do not feel that he is reliable to have custody of the children full time.
I was declared disabled after my 1 1/2yr old was born due to multiple issues. Since then I have taken care of the children almost 100% of the time. Now I find that I have to PROVE that I can take care of them without the help of my soon to be spouse. I do not know where to start- I cannot afford a fancy lawyer and the free legal aid in my area will not assist me in court. Has anyone gone through this or something similar and can give me advise on what information I need in order to be prepared for a one time meeting with a divorce lawyer?
it seems the fun never stops in my life...

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