Feel so bad, my daughter won't go in the store by herself with me,:(

So my husband an I went to the dollar tree. Two of the girls an myself walked into the store while my husband stayed in the car. I bought my stuff an come out an got in car, my husband ask where our middle daughter was an I said silly she didn't come she's home sick! I sat waiting for him to crank the car, an he said are you forgetting something,I said no I think bought everything he said, go back in an get the girls you left them agin! Sure enough went back in an there Cassie was standing in the toys. I said come on we gotta go an she says you forgot me agin didn't you momma. I said yes an I'm so so sorry! She said its ok, then we went to the dollar store an Cassie wanted to come in but as I was getting out I heard her tell my husband she wasn't coming in unless he did an he assured her he wouldn't let me leave without her!! As we get outta the car at our house my baby girl says Momma your goin crazy an then walks on in with her sister an says momma acts diffrent! A lot of the times I rember an do good so it's hard for them to understand!! Today I've been tryin to say stuff all day but end up sayin something else.. My head feels fuzzy agin !!

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