This is for everyone who has ever been diagnosed with it, or wonders what is what. I was diagnosed with both way back in about 1990. The Dysthymia for me was a grey cloud that followed me around mercilessly no matter how good my life was going or how happy things seemed to be. As if it was waiting for a quiet moment to rain on my parade. Sounds silly I suppose but is just what it felt like. It was just always there.

I suppose that is why the Major Depression eventually took hold over and over again, each time getting a better foot hold into me. Even though it seemed to would recover from the tears, tantrums, despair, solemnity, self-abuse, and everything else, he never really seemed to leave. I would go on with my life.

The next issue would come along and the Depression would be a little stronger this time, tougher. I would want to die more often. Attempted a few times. Each time a failure. And still the Dysthymia would be there hanging onto me like slimy mold. So for me I have to have meds the rest of my life to survive. Without them I know where I would be. I have good friends, family and a great therapist (not to mention meds) for keeping me on this planet.

I come from a family of drug/alcohol abuse, depression, mental illness and suicide. I love Inspire it has helped me a lot. My therapist thinks so too.

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