Depression and Faith

I think we have a tendancy to be overly judgemental of people that are depressed, as though it is due to a lack of faith, many of you have never served in combat, worked in a prison, worked in a Psych hospital, or an inner-city Trauma Center...I have done all of the above! On a weekly basis I see death and dying people, grieving people, and people with no hope.....does it have an effect on me? YES! We can argue back and forth whether depression is chemical, emotional, or spiritual....but the bottom line is depression can and will affect anyone (Moses, David, Elijah, Hannah, Jesus, and Paul) all had bouts with depression....we like to act "deep" and say "Not me!" Well I think we are either lying or perfect....and I don't know any perfect people....BTW Depression is NOT a sin, how do I know that? Because Jesus was sinless....but even HE was depressed. .

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