Dean St

It's a chilly wind that blows, Dean Street in the morning
It’s a hard, hard weight resting heavy on my mind
And it's not the first time I have cried as the front door slowly closes
And I am not the only one Michah's left behind

Well, I can still see us laughing in the dimmed street light
Gonna Leave Town Smiles and rain drops in our eyes
You slept on the couch and I slept in your bedroom
You hardly spoke, you knew my look, like an age old language
No one else could understand

I woke up in the night, it was not you, you were not there
Did you understand the language of my screams when I kneeled
down beside you? Could you decipher what the words were that I meant to say?

Your father was angry with me for not knowing all your secrets
I can take the hit, and I don't mind, I'm stronger and I know it
I wish you let me see every bottle, every paper sack
I would be there through the detox, anything to take that one night back
I am like a vault, your family's secret's safe with me

Since then I've done some travelling
Across this country, stopped in a few states, a chosen few,
but not the ones were meant to be
salvation for me and you

I've met lots of people, lots of drifters, lots of rejects,
Lots of clowns, lots of liars, lots of thieves
And I have been the friend, I've been the winner, but mostly I've been the loser

So forgive me if I drift off into silent black and white memories
‘Bout Micah's unplanned death and the life that I had longed for
Because I have lived through darkness, hope and lonely dying futures
And I have seen the memory walk angry out the door

And I have been left for jokers, left for heartache, left for money
And I have been left alone, left behind and left for dead
And you can pick the pieces up and try to let them go
But I will take the memories and silence in my head
Disturb me not
I'm remembering dreams shared with a friend one night
before we went to bed

Edited November 9, 2013 at 6:55 pm

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