I have a friend that is my opinion, clinically depressed. I am only a nurse, not able to diagnose her, but I know many of the issues she suffers from could be addressed if we could just find the right program. She has threatened suicide, and attempted too many to count. She lived in a county that would not address her issues before she got out of jail, and when she was released from jail. She was homeless, and at her wits end. I had appealed to the Mental Health dept. in that area and they said there wasnt anything they could do for her. Just an hour away they had a mental health program that assists people whether they are homeless or not. Every county is not set up to handle mental health issues, and everyone with a mental health issue doesn't deserve to be medicated. Im hoping that there is a behavior modification that can address her depression and her suicidal ideation.
Im not suicidal, but it bothers me when ppl say if they wanted to kill themselves they would have done it already. My friend is a cutter, and her arms are scared up so bad from trying to kill herself I don't think she could get an IV to save her life. For some strange reason, We cant get anyone to help her. I have since moved her from the small town she came from to Dutchess county in hopes that she will get the mental health assistance she so desperately needs. To our dismay, she hasn't had much luck there either, as she has pleaded with social services to help her. She is no different than the rest of us, and if someone doesn't help her soon, I fear she will end up taking her own life.
At what point does someone intervene and help? I mean my GOD, where is the compassion for these kinds of people. When they do finally come to help will it be too late? I sure hope not. Oh yeah I forgot to mention her adolescent daughter is struggling to stay with her mother through her illness, but the county wanted to put the two of them in a rooming house with paroled convicted felon males. Because she denied this option, that county is refusing to help this family. I feel that this is also an inappropriate living situation for a single mother of a 16 year old daughter. The daughter rebels as she is expected to because she has left all her friends and whats familiar to her, to go with her mom and make sure she is safe. If anyone on this site has any information that would lead to the my dear friend receiving help would be greatly appreciated.
She is unaware of this site, but I will share it with her tomorrow and encourage her to use it. It doesn't mean she will, but when she does get on here, I hope she sees this post with hundreds of supporting comments. Im leaving this open to the public to comment on, but if your comment is inappropriate I will erase them. As I said I am trying to build my friend up-not tear her down. Thank you for comments and suggestions ahead of time. GOD SPEED!

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