Being Friendly

How hard can it be to say hello
to a stranger on the street
or smile and say how are you
to anyone you meet?

It sure can't hurt to be polite
or lend a hand
to give a friendly word of cheer
and respect your fellow man

Be friendly toward your neighbor
Don't try to shut him out
Peaceful co-existence
Thats what life is all about

You can turn a frown into a smile
By just the words you say
Like please or thank you very much

Sometimes a friendly gesture
or a little word of praise
Is all it takes to bring that smile
Its true-you'd be amazed!

Remember the times you were off somewere
In an unfamilar place
How much better it made you feel
when you saw a smiling face?

If you apply the Golden Rule
To all you say and do
you'll talk to others just the way
you'd have them talk to you

We're in this world together
and will be tell the day we die
We can't make friends with everyone
but it wouldn't hurt to try.

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