And yet another suicide attempt failed.

Here's the storm.
As some of you may know, I found out my mother was an alcoholic and a prostitute soon after she left. She mom came back. She woke me up with the doorbell. I opened the door for her. Hadn't seen her in over 3 months since we last spoke. She didn't know I had a dog in the house. She started yelling at me, calling me irresponsible. Said I couldn't even take care of myself, less a dog. So she grabbed the dog, and threw him downstairs. (We live in an apartment building) He fell all the way down and ran off.
I was going to run after him, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me in, locked the door and hid the key. She started yelling at me. She walked over to my brother's bedroom and saw dog fur on the floor. She ran over to my bedroom, where I cried, because I didn't know what happened to the dog, I live in a busy street, he could get ran over, or lost. She grabbed my hair and pulled me all the way to the bedroom and threw me over where the fur was. She wrapped her hands around my neck and started strangling me.
She kept on screaming I was worthless and a piece of garbage.
I grabbed her arms and thought. "I'm bigger. Stronger. Why am I letting her do this?" So I grabbed her and threw her off of me. And I stood on top of her, while she was down on the floor. I said. "I'm still younger. I'm still stronger. And I'm still.. taller." She didn't say a word, I walked off and went to my bedroom. I closed the door and started crying with remorse.
She walked over and grabbed a high heel shoe and opened my bedroom door and smacked my face with it, while I sat on the floor crying.
I grabbed her by the arms, crying, took her over to her bedroom and threw her on the bed, went over to my bedroom while she screamed at me, the worst possible things. I grabbed a razor, and all of the pills I could find. (No more than 2 boxes). I locked myself in the bathroom and started taking the pills, and cutting myself. But the razor was rusty from not being used and being left out. So I grabbed a pair of scissors. They weren't cutting very well either. So I started pulling my own hair and biting myself. I grabbed a headband and wrapped it around my neck until I couldn't breathe anymore.
I started fainting. Then I remembered the dog.
And my best friend. Who was also suicidal.
So I grabbed the scissors and slipped it inside between it and my neck and cut the headband off. Took a deep breath.
Stood there for a while, dizzy from the pills and lack of oxygen.
The front door opened. It was my older brother.
He was with his girlfriend. He knocked on the bathroom door and said
"Get outta there you piece of trash, other people live here too"
He was so angry that I brought the dog home, he was treating me like absolute garbage. So I realised. He came in. The door was unlocked.
I opened the door so quickly and ran out and went out the house, downstairs, covered in blood, marks on my neck and wearing nithing but a shirt and panties. (I was asleep when my mom woke me with the doorbell.)
So I ran down looking for Wolf. And I found him. Playing in the garbage. Pretty much everyone was staring at me. I looked like a crack whore.
So I grabbed him and ran up to my building, but no one opened the door for me. So I slept outside until pretty much 4am, when my dad got home and opened the door for me. But didn't say a word.

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