and it starts all over again

I went to my medical appointment for SSI and I got stranded in downtown brooklyn with no idea where I was for 2 1/2 hr with no jacket because my mother wouldn't pick me up. I had to call my father, sister and her over and over just to get her to get me. I was crying in the street and having a panic attack. She promised to come get me and then all she did is scream at me because she had to drive there. She works maybe 10 blocks away and said she would come get me because the car service would come that far. I was freezing and standing the whole time. My legs kept collapsing, my ankles still hurt and I couldn't even stand straight because of how bad my back hurts. I hate her. I really just wish she had never even had me.

I had my insurance back because it was an emergency and had it until my fair hearing. My mother went behind my back canceled my hearing and told me afterward she was combining our fair hearing so we could go together. I just called up to get a prescription so I would have medicine for a 2 week trip I'm taking tomorrow out of state and I DONT HAVE ANY FUCKING INSURANCE! She never went to the hearings. I can't cancel my plans. I've been planning this trip all year and now I'm going to be in pain the whole time because she keeps fucking up my stuff. I'm going on a plane tomorrow, I have no medicine and it's my fucking birthday to top it off. For the pass ten years nothing ever goes right on my birthday. It's like I'm cursed.

I can't even go to the college I got accepted to because she never took me down to schedule my assessment test. She ruins everything. All she does is lay in her bed eating junkfood and watching tv. SHE DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

The only good thing that is going on is I'm getting more commited to being healthy and my psoriasis is getting better. I joined myfitnesspal and am eating healthier. I have new medicine for my skin and it's working, but it's going to run out soon.

Edited February 8, 2013 at 12:00 pm

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