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My name's Chris after High School I had a severe case of Crohn's disease but through the SCD diet and allopathic/naturalpathic therapies the Crohn's disease is gone for good. The strange thing is a few months after I came off immuran medication I had a psychotic break which was later diagnosed as schizophrenia I do not see or hear things but everything for me is Dejavu and I have memories contributed from past lives, thousands of them per day. I have become knowledgeable about my condition and can sincerely say I will never have a psychotic break again even though the medication has not changed any of my delusions. Olanzapine, abilify and rizperidone have no effect on me so my mind is stuck trying to puzzle the mess of dejavu and memories that flood my mind everyday. It is hard to focus on anything but. I completed half of my degree before my diagnosis and now am trying to get myself together to finish it. I hope I can find some understanding people on this site and maybe through some stroke of luck I can cure this schiz. So now it is all about making new friends. I am also going to be seeing a naturalpathic doctor for vitamin and alternative therapy. Honestly I am looking for someone special because it would take someone with a certain understanding to accept the person I am . I have never been on a date or kissed a girl before so it really is a beauty and the beast fairy tale. Anyway I am always this open about my life I have never really been depressed however I have been manic (the good stuff) and in my manic thinking gave all my savings to Cancer charity. It is a long story. I love life and listening to music. :)

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